U-Mail electricity supplier e-mail marketing trends four coping strategies

as a mail marketing staff, not easy, must grasp the orientation of consumer interest to understand the psychological characteristics, but also grasp the consumer trends, understand some network hot events and the most popular vocabulary, so as to write a letter mail promotion, catch consumer pain points and needs, and to change the new pre sentenced email marketing the adjusting strategy. U-Mail long-term follow-up study of e-mail marketing techniques, strategies, for 2016 and beyond some of the new changes, we put forward a few ideas for marketers reference:

a, timeliness: immediate response, early intervention

includes several aspects:

1 in the customer through the website or other channels have been browsing behavior of commodities, but there is no reason to buy into action, it is necessary to understand the customers hesitate, and take corresponding measures, do not wait until after Strike while the iron is hot. in time, a few days after the promotional push mail, it was too late; if the price is the reason, can recommend the same paragraph but different brand goods, or to provide gifts and more added value.

2 some customers choose the right merchandise into the shopping cart, but deferred payment may, by mail, SNS, phone calls to remind each other, inform "preferential activities coming to an end" or "the commodity shelf" or "edition, limited edition" and so on, the purpose is to urge the other action as soon as possible.

3 for sleeping users, marketing personnel should timely understand the reasons for it, is the customer to choose other suppliers or customers? A sharp drop in demand? Or abandon our customers the quality of goods and services have a problem? In a word, not necessary to wait for a year or so before going to action, can use big data tracking and monitoring of customer open the mail rate, response rate and customer turnover, once appear obvious change, rapid intervention, research.

two, mail content: interactive enhancement, focusing on emotional experience, customized personalized service

provides a single discount promotional elements, or a simple marketing planning activities, have no interest of customers, customers expect the company to listen to their demands, accept their advice, and even allow them to participate in product design by the appropriate intervention, to a certain degree of respect; they can expect more goods to satisfy their emotional needs, have high force, highlighting its class identity; other personalized custom services is increasingly becoming the trend of consumption; these require us to pay more attention to the marketing personnel.

three, e-mail automation design

from 1 customers in the shopping platform registered account creation began, step by step around the customer behavior, carefully designed a series of emails, doubts problem-solving, and guide customers to complete the entire shopping process, put yourself as a novice, entering the shopping platform, what kind of doubt, how will encounter difficulties, will want to get what kind of help to improve the service details then?.

2 based on customer behavior and consumption

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