A brief discussion on place name + industry (trade name) four letter domain name investment

1, the classification of the four letters:




is the four letter word





4 initialsThe

4 initials

2, classification:

the above classification in the first 6 people have been very familiar with, especially CVCV Larry (like yahu.com, yili.com) is soaring,

record price record. This no longer.

say eighth categories, if nothing special, it is generally not much value.

is the last of seventh class four initials, four initials in my opinion is divided into city + industry (trade name) and the general four initials two.

four if the enterprises can form the common initials abbreviations words also have great value.

this article focuses on place names + industry (trade name) this type of four letters.

3, place name + industry (trade name) this kind of letter of the four phase:

this type of four letters are good, so that one can see or think of a city or region.

such as Beijing real estate (bjfc.com), Guangzhou, Guizhou real estate (gzfc.cn), Fujian real estate (fjdc.cn), etc..

4, meaning and length of the perfect combination of domain name:

four letter domain name belongs to the most appropriate length type, is the most perfect combination of meaning and length, and then short will damage the meaning, and then a little bit cumbersome.

5, the most user friendly type:

unless giant enterprise users use words or Pinyin domain names.

such as: Haier (haier.com), Microsoft (micrsoft.com), news (xinwen.cn),

the vast majority of users do not have access to such a domain name.

according to China’s long-term naming habits, has formed a habit, and will be long-term application.

: Jilin dragon limited nature referred to as Jilin Dragon (jlfl), Beijing JASUN Industrial Co., naturally referred to JASUN Beijing (bjjx).

This phenomenon too numerous to mention


6, market share:

in the latest statistics show that China has been built in the use of a total of 1 million 920 thousand sites, of which the domain name of the four letters occupy about,


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