Price war millet how to break through

electricity supplier price war is not scattered, reebs millet new articles revisit " a year ago like Jobs disguised with Lei Jun millet mobile phone in this conference was held, and then opened the China Internet Corporation to the mobile terminal of the road, one year it established less than two years, so many mobile industry and the Internet industry by surprise, the number of sales of 3 million. Domestic mobile phone Android fourth share at the end of June this year, millet sales tax reached 6 billion 50 million yuan. And millet announced $220 million financing, valuation of $4 billion. The two generation of millet mobile phone is still as high cost, service and service is the core of Rice noodles millet fancier. The choice of the release is undoubtedly the target user choice in college freshmen and social youth.

small three wars, waves not flat

the first half of the Internet can be said to be a lively scene, lots of people from all walks of life taste, "mistress" war is among one of the bright stars, millet companies and 360 companies from the initial continuation of war slobber to the final product in the battle to pr. In the most lively benefit at the same time also belong to the consumer, according to data reported Chinese micro-blog users has reached 400 million, as the largest spread, one of the most user platform, "mistress" contend for a panoramic view, perhaps this will become the two generation of millet short-term sales reduce a potential point.

Red Sea dispute, why break through

by the end of July the number of domestic mobile Internet users more than PC Internet users, the number of Internet users access to the Internet through mobile phones reached 388 million, compared with desktop computer users of up to 8 million. At present, mobile phone users accounted for 72.2% of total Internet users, the desktop computer is only 70.7% share of the mobile phone market shipments of 35 million 287 thousand, of which the intelligent mobile phone shipments of 18 million 114 thousand, an increase of 287.6% over last year, the market share reached 51.3%. In the face of such a trend can be, "mistress" war is just the beginning, the host " Zhou Hongyi’s "step on mine; is premeditated, is the so-called" only to strategist, winning thousands of miles, from the perspective of a variety of millet was badly injured all over the body which is, as can be imagined, millet mobile phone is a new industry for 360, behind but with HUAWEI, TCL and so on behind the accomplice, Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun is also a gap, the so-called gap is not in a time of combat and lessons, as early as in the acquisition of Ali Yahoo China, Zhou Hongyi resigned when Ma had had a running, but Ma. But after 360 and Jinshan, as well as the 3Q war, seems to absorb Yuezhanyueyong, experiences and lessons of the times. In contrast, small three war, Zhou Hongyi’s real purpose is not to sell their own products, but to reduce consumer recognition of millet phone, so as to achieve the purpose of the depth of cooperation with the traditional phone. Mobile products to install 360 software is the core of the kidnapping, Shaw believes that the dispute is just a mobile product >

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