Taobao and the international anti fake Union signed a memorandum to combat fake online


technology news (Zhu Xudong) September 24th news, recently with the international anti fake Alliance (The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition) announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding, the two sides agreed to jointly fight against fake goods online.

it is understood that the cooperation agreement covers many aspects, including the evidence, the establishment of a set of infringing goods information confirmation, delete, Punishment Rights System and improve the system of landing technical support; in addition, including how to carry out publicity and education of fake sellers and consumers on the platform. The phenomenon of anti fake trade union hope that the cooperation can reduce the online exchange, and can continue to discuss the methods of how to deal with online selling issues with relevant departments.

anti fake union president Bob Barchiesi said: "this cooperation is of great significance, every legal enterprises have a common responsibility and interests to ensure the online market can continue to develop into a trusted platform."

for a long time, Taobao has always been a headache problem, and Taobao in the fight against fakes can also be said to spare no effort. Data show that from 2012 to 1 in June, Taobao handled a total of about 47 million violations of intellectual property information.

on the international anti fake coalition:

anti fake alliance is a non-profit organization that represents all the interests of trademark infringement and related copyright infringement companies. The members of the anti fake alliance have a wide range of business and include many of the world’s leading companies in apparel, automotive, consumer goods, entertainment, healthcare, and other fields.

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