Community O2O experience Rainbow Night line capacity as the keys to victory

in the past period of time, the community O2O industry can be described as a move is not small, some people worry about joy.

in the neighborhood social as the starting point of the Ding Dong District was traced to the capital chain on the verge of breaking, the media said the Beijing area department revoked, layoffs only dozens of people in Shanghai area. The Ding Dong District immediately issued a statement rumor said that at present the safety of the capital chain, layoffs from business transformation. Prior to its access to 100 million yuan financing aura dim moment.

on the other side, the same as the base camp in Shanghai District announced a $20 million A round of financing. The amount of financing can be described as the community O2O industry is currently the most. In addition, there is news that the community has completed 001 B round of financing, valuation of up to 2 billion yuan, but has not yet been officially confirmed.

now, O2O community is experiencing Rainbow Night. One side is the crazy capital settled and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) giant wading; while the product is not satisfactory, the line resource integration difficult. Community O2O can not do it, is not pseudo demand, a series of questions ensued.

one of the Domain company of CEO on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, different from other mobile terminal products, community resources under the line complex decided O2O push to work hard, eager do well this line, the "bitter industry" the last fight or service and precipitation.

burn advertising criticized

on the 12 day, since the media has said the Ding Dong district capital chain headquartered in Shanghai, "it can’t do this anymore." Then, through the official Sina micro-blog buzz District rumor, said the current capital adequacy, there is no capital chain said, "business is to break through the self, to do something before things, who can put all the things to think clearly, then the implementation of immutable and frozen end?" said the Beijing Department shut down because of the strategic contraction, first do a solid job in Shanghai market.

"First Financial Daily" reporter to call the evening of 14 Ding Dong District founder Liang Changlin, but he declined a reporter’s interview request.

just a few months ago, the Ding Dong District just through the successful financing of 100 million yuan in the circle of fame, envy, voices of doubt come in a throng. 100 million yuan figure also let the industry marvel. In contrast, online frequent bad mouthing the sound of the O2O community.

, a person close to the Ding Dong District of the industry on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, according to his understanding, the Ding Dong District after the completion of the financing investment in advertising should be tens of millions of yuan, Beijing and Shanghai subway can easily see the Ding Dong District advertising.

through advertising to quickly seize the market, really let the Ding Dong District tasted the sweetness in popularity, also increased the resources of negotiations with the line of chips, but the end product and service experience by some users criticized. Many analysts generally believe that in the absence of good products and services under the premise >

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