The beauty of music to play the price war beauty electricity supplier chaos inventory

news July 31st the largest two cosmetics electricity supplier and Le bee network today launched the same period big promotion, yesterday Lasafo said on the eve of the big promotion platform "2 selected 1 suppliers were" vicious price war beauty electricity supplier started again.

for the beauty electricity supplier motionless on the "price war", the sale of fake was traced to the status quo, vice president Liu Huipu also admitted that they are engaged in the cosmetics business is the "chaos" of the industry, the electricity supplier beauty what chaos


1, a strong brand, channel no right to speak. Liu Huipu bluntly, many big cosmetics suppliers very do not pay attention to the electricity supplier channels, one is because the electricity supplier often discounted, harm the brand image; two of the electricity supplier channels whether can fully guarantee the genuine doubt; in addition, even can sell genuine goods and low price, will shorten the gap on the line. So often faced with the brand on the electronic business platform, ignoring many of the big names in the electricity supplier brand has no official authorization.

2, true and false goods difficult to identify. Beauty on the electronic business platform has been plagued by the presence of counterfeit consumer criticism. Because many first big brands on the one hand does not recognize the third party business platform, another aspect of the business platform selling "not as". An unnamed brands has admitted, for selling electricity providers are not willing to leave the high-profile, apart from the high cost of rights, but also for future cooperation between the two sides may not alienate.

3, the price war spread, combined with speculation or vicious competition? Two beauty business platform Lasafo and price war has mutually stuck there, originally in August will be held 5 anniversary promotional activities, the most important promotion will focus on August 1st, began blocking, launched full of delight "3.5 anniversary of the anniversary, Le bee network promotions on the same day. This competition is not the first time, in March this year, was also the anniversary of launched a "peach blossom" large-scale promotion. In this regard, analysts also said the two platforms do not rule out joint speculation.

4, slander everywhere. In June last year, claiming the former employees friends broke the United States 90% fakes, subsequently confirmed by the police for libel; before August 1st this year, large-scale promotion of and LAFONT network, Lasafo has issued a statement saying their stable brands rival "one of two", alluding to the, but the United States denied.

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