Ali micro Alipay wallet users billions of dollars against real Wallet

Ali serving small and micro gold Fan Zhiming: Alipay wallet users billions of dollars against entity wallet (TechWeb pictures)

[TechWeb] November 13th News reported today, Ali small and micro financial services group (chips) domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said in an interview, Alipay wallet user has billions of dollars. He also revealed that Alipay wallet will be independent brand operation, the opponent is the physical wallet.

In the past two

11, Ali wireless appreciable gains, double eleven Ali Taobao mobile phone trading volume reached 5 billion 350 million yuan, is 5.6 times last year (960 million).

mobile phone Taobao single day active users reached 127 million; mobile phone Taobao single day turnover of up to 35 million 900 thousand pens, the number of transactions accounted for more than the overall number of pens by 21%. Last year the figure was around 5%.

previously, Ali small micro payment service CEO Peng Lei disclosed that Alipay wallet will be considered as an independent brand, and respect for the future of the mobile terminal will focus on the development of the company.

According to the

question "after the Alipay wallet will set up an independent independent company?" Ali small micro payment service did not disclose, called for suspense. When asked who is Alipay wallet opponent? Zhiming Fan said on TechWeb, Alipay’s rival entity wallet. The future is to destroy the physical wallet.

it is understood that Alipay wallet Ali launched in 2009, positioning for mobile payment platform, October 2013 released version 7.6, users can not only through its credit card, transfer, payment, payment, payment, charge calls, card ticket management, but also by the balance of treasure financial products.

insiders pointed out that the future of electronic payment instead of cash payments will become a trend, the cash is being gradually eliminated, some countries in foreign countries have accounted for 70% of electronic payments. This has left plenty of imagination to the Alipay wallet. (eight)


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