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technology news Beijing time on November 25th evening news, Hongkong Morning Post Group today confirmed that there are really third party contact them on the acquisition of its media assets.

this Monday there have been reports that Alibaba founder Ma intends to stake the SCMP group, the two sides are in talks. Moreover, the negotiations have entered the final stage, the two sides will soon hold a signing ceremony.


SCMP group today submitted to the HKEx documents said: "the board of directors of the company have confirmed that indeed interested third party contact us, intends to acquire our media assets. However, the negotiations are still in the early stages, the terms of any potential agreement remains to be further discussed, as well as the assessment of the regulatory authorities."


SCMP group is the publisher of the "South China Morning Post", "South China Morning Post" was founded in 1903, focuses the Greater China and Asia Pacific region. In November 9th, "China daily" (China Daily) first reported that Ma or Alibaba intends to stake the SCMP group. (Li Ming)

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