Novice how to learn Taobao shop

with the advent of the Internet era, many traditional companies, businesses, people began to get involved in the Internet, using the Internet to sell. In the online sellers best way is Taobao shop, but for the novice how Taobao



we should keep in mind that, regardless of whether Taobao is good, fashion, want in the online sellers, Taobao stores must be open. Although it is now very popular micro business, but now the micro business is not yet fully mature, but also takes time.

in order to enable you to learn a better way to shop Taobao, Shao Lianhu blog on their own experience over the years to open Taobao and we say, how to open a new Taobao shop.

the first step to prepare supply


shop is to sell, so we should put the supply of goods to think well, virtual and physical goods. Virtual is invisible, can not touch, such as calls, game currency, online tutorials, online software, etc.. In kind, refers to what can be seen in real life.

in the selection of goods, the goods must choose not bad, small size, not too heavy items. Of course, if the volume is large, heavy, easy to bad goods can also be afraid of bad in transit. There is a good packaging, high profit. Now the courier fee of ten yuan on average, below this you only lose money.

second step, open shop


shop opened the tutorial we can go to Baidu search, there are many tutorials. First of all, have registered a Taobao store with mobile phone number, registration, will automatically generate a Alipay account. Then go to the bank for a bank card, open online banking.

for online banking I suggest that we do a construction bank, the post office is also good, but some other post office platform can not be used. For example, WeChat can not be used to pay the post office, CCB’s cards are a lot of support. Then is the Taobao exam, some questions will not be able to find answers Baidu.

After the opening of the

shop, we need to pay consumer protection, if you do not pay some products are not released. The general category of consumer protection is 1000 yuan, other categories may be higher, this can be in the background count. This consumer protection can be put forward, as long as there is no transaction products can be removed.

third steps, shop decoration

We need to shop to decorate the Taobao

shop after the start, because the shop after the opening of the effect is very poor, affecting the user experience, if we can get the store atmosphere, beautiful, let the user looks very formal, let people trust.

shop decoration has three methods, the first one, their free decoration, Baidu to find some tutorials and materials on the line. Second, directly to Taobao to buy a template on the line, and some are a key to install, very convenient. Third, >

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