The electricity supplier arena fuunsaiki Teng million battles Alibaba

some places have lakes, rivers and lakes where will be raging like a storm. The electricity supplier arena is the case, whether it is the expansion of the Alibaba, or continue to search contest of Jingdong and Suning, are hoping to scramble for electricity supplier in the arena, but there is no Alibaba, Suning or Jingdong, either overseas Amazon or eBay, can only show the white feather. But the Alibaba unified electricity supplier arena was never calm, especially in the Internet Conference this year, rattan million finally began to cooperate, business leader Alibaba launched the most powerful impact,

Wanda Ali cited gambling giant shock power generation

is a big business line, one is the electricity supplier arena champion, once the intersection for a joke, and the intersection with the addition of Baidu and the Tencent, let Wanda and Ali began to Mars in all directions, so the volatility up electricity supplier arena. Alibaba is undoubtedly xiegucheng tianwaifeixian, and two friends with Wanda Lu Xiaofeng of Baidu and the Tencent as flowers line Ximen Chuixue helper sword of God, it seems from the beginning to the Alibaba martial Lian zhuang. But now the United States listed Alibaba began to tour, there seems to be a great help in helping yourself, so has Baidu and Tencent support Wanda, not necessarily in the electricity supplier arena can get cheap.

and a line of business tycoons and the richest man, want the spoiler in the electricity supplier in the political arena, from now on, also can only present blow a pond power only, whether it is thinking of the Internet or electricity supplier gene and Alibaba are difficult to compare, although Tencent and Baidu occupy the dominant position in their respective fields. But the two companies are operating the electricity supplier experience, but the experience is just the experience of failure, so when the giant and the giant network of cooperation under a line, can produce innovative Internet thinking sparks, from the industry’s point of view is still very worth looking forward to, but success has more people said the suspect.

face collision or impossible, Zoupian Jian Feng is the key breakthrough in

when Wanda Wanda Alibaba announced the challenge, as the allies, Baidu and Tencent are very low-key, have said that is not to build a business model and Alibaba to achieve two male hegemony, the two Internet giants still provide the greatest convenience to Wanda in their own areas of expertise, such as flow support, marketing support, this for Wanda, has been completely solved, but the electricity supplier operations for Baidu and Tencent, there is no better way to help Wanda, and Wanda will only be able to own the best field of Internet thinking, which can effectively avoid face competition and Alibaba, also that Wanda just walk is an enhanced version of O2O, is to avoid the confrontation between

and Alibaba face

but under the layout of the Wanda line more stay in the first tier and second tier cities, and in these cities dominated by >

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