Honey bud baby Liu Nan talk about cross-border electricity supplier does not catch the pattern of de

December 9th news, in the light of the industry’s cross-border electricity supplier model problem, honey bud baby CEO Liu Nan pointed out that the cross-border electricity supplier do not chase the model, to catch the demand, because the model will die, the demand is forever.

Liu Nan told billion state power network, at present, the cross-border electricity supplier industry has three main problems: clear

first is the policy has great instability. Local government customs opened the bonded area of the stock, making it easier to attract investment, the record has been optimized. But there are still many government departments did not intervene, such as industry and commerce, taxation, so there are still a lot of instability in the future.

second is a very primitive and primitive supply chain. The most obvious problem is that all cross-border electricity providers are selling the same product. Maternal imported goods sell well, businesses will start selling imported baby products like a swarm of bees, the next step is probably small household electrical appliances, clothing, shoes and hats, luxury goods and other industries.

third is not yet mature cross-border logistics. In addition, the delivery effectiveness of pouring velocity is not mature, inventory accuracy is low but also the whole industry is facing difficulties. At the same time, cross-border online shopping logistics aspects of the customer experience is poor, but also led to the problem of low purchase rate.

Liu Nan pointed out that the real charm of cross-border electricity providers can allow brands, retailers to introduce new products at very low cost. "In the past, the introduction of overseas a brand new, may have to do inspection, take all kinds of qualifications, take 6 months to 1 years, but now through cross-border electricity quickly to get the product Chinese trial, if the effect is good in China through general trade form."

she said, from the online shopping population requirements, cross-border electricity supplier to solve is high quality and low price, experience the three problems. "Wumart is genuine, good quality, fashion, trust, it is necessary to solve the problem of cheap cost, and good experience must throughout."

According to reports, around these user needs, honey bud baby is the first to establish a set of commodity rating system, the accumulation of user evaluation of goods to help customers select products

. Then, it also made some innovations in logistics and customer service, for example, to send all the management to the customer service department of rotation along the whole process and customer problems uncovered downstream management problems.

billion state power network to understand, honey bud baby there are three key points in the direction of strategic planning for next year: the first is the integration of overseas supply chain, the second is to optimize the mobile terminal, the third is social marketing.

Liu Nan appears in the sales business must be decentralized, against the big brand monopoly, and must be centralized in the center of the upstream supply chain integration, "implementation of international trade is not the best package". In addition, she believes that the cross-border electricity supplier, who is winning factors. Because the industry is too new, there is no ready-made talent, these people can quickly adapt to the environment is also a big problem.

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