Jingdong Russia strategy from the logistics began to build electricity supplier ecosystem


] August 24th news billion state power network, since this year, the Jingdong international business separately from the import and export of two lines, cross-border imports and exports will also be in full swing, cross-border at top speed.

Ulmart, Russian electricity supplier cooperation, hand in hand with the local electronic wallet Yandex.Money and Qiwi cooperation with Russia, the courier company SPSR Express and in June 18th officially launched the Russian station, Jingdong in the strategic layout more and more clear in russia. By the end of July and the Russian post sign intent contract is an important milepost of Jingdong to expand overseas markets.

Xu Xinquan, general manager of overseas business division of Jingdong (right) and the head of the Russian post (left)

days ago, Jingdong overseas business department official said to billion state power network, the hope in the Russian market Jingdong established "business ecosystem", logistics as one of the key ring is a Jingdong will be put into place.

is reported that the Russian postal service is the first official authorized by Jingdong. The cooperation between the two sides will start from the international orders parcel delivery, parcel in Russia before, specified by the Chinese and Singapore postal operators for distribution, then enter the Russian transport network distribution through the Russian post to the Russian territory.

Xu Xinquan, general manager of Jingdong overseas division pointed out that with the Russian postal and SPSR and other strategic partners, are hoping to be able to integrate Russia’s local supply chain resources, to create a three-dimensional ecosystem. The next step will be for the Russian market, Jingdong set up overseas warehouse, providing delivery service and customer service return service more quickly for the Russian customers, also provide all aspects of warehousing, delivery, customer service, customer service and maintenance for the Jingdong platform sellers, and even financial support. At the same time, the future of Jingdong and the Russian post will also carry out bilateral cooperation in the import of Russian goods and other aspects of china.

talked about in the Russian market’s biggest rival Ali aliexpress, the relevant responsible person said, the Jingdong’s market positioning and Ali is not the same, the hope in Russia and in Chinese, change the consumers in Russia Chinese goods not good impression, will be more high-quality goods to Russia, instead of cheap fake product.

In addition,

Jingdong in China has a very rich experience in logistics, in Russia, we also hope and experienced partners to build end-to-end solutions, to enhance the platform sellers competitiveness at the same time, also enhance the customer shopping experience in Jingdong platform. This is a very big difference between Jingdong platform and other platforms. We have confidence in the Russian market and even the global market and the rapid development of rival." The relevant person in charge.


told billion state power network, this year, there are many Jingdong in Russia, China has established a professional team in their struggle for overseas business sector. It will combine the advantages of Jingdong and the feedback of the Russian market gradually promote overseas expansion strategy.

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