Your name, but also fix the customer, SF sea Amoy threw Zhong Hanliang advertising

open SF, is to send something or buy something? Since the user’s impression is very difficult to reverse, SF scouring the sea simply changed a name.

A few days ago

curiosity Daily reported, in order to let oneself no longer like a courier service, October 15th, SF Express’s cross-border electricity supplier SF scouring the sea will be renamed "Feng Qu sea amoy".

and SF were renamed, scouring the sea the largest since the establishment of marketing activities. Including: the signing of Zhong Hanliang as a spokesperson, Jiangsu and Guangdong friends may have seen Zhong Hanliang’s overbearing president of advertising in the subway; the opening of the new domain name, the home page is renamed the preheating; launched in late television advertising; settled Youku potatoes video shopping mall……


chose Zhong Hanliang as a spokesperson, naturally also valued his attractiveness to female users. SF sea Amoy description of the target user is: light ripe female twenty or thirty year old white-collar workers, or a new mother, living in first-tier cities, have higher requirements on the quality of life. This group accounted for 70% of the SF sea Amoy users. SF sea Amoy had found that focus on Zhong Hanliang’s user preference was greater than other actor.

this is a great relationship with the TV series "energy-saving" hit, so in the advertising creative, SF scouring the sea is also a continuation of the style of characters, such as a kind of overbearing President Zhong Hanliang said "I love you No Zuo No Die bad temper", "difficult to all people jing".

, the core concept of this ad is expected to be passed to the user is, ‘difficult’, ‘picky’ spirit is worth encouraging, behind the user on behalf of the quality of life is required." SF sea Amoy market and business development director Cui Wanqian said.

but in a large number of copies of "picky" "difficult" "No Zuo die no" "Princess disease" such negative words, in fact, there is a certain risk, especially for those who do not understand the background of the audience. Of course, this does not prevent Zhong Hanliang’s fans photo, the topic to discuss in the micro-blog 13 thousand.

Cui Wanqian told the "Daily" curiosity, SF is currently scouring the sea users the most concentrated area is Jiangsu and Guangdong, accounting for about half of the total users. So in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai and Guangdong, a second tier city the choice to put the line advertising, in accordance with the existing distribution of hope core user base to expand its influence, while bypassing the user base is relatively weak, business competition is more intense in Beijing.




CEO served as a sea Amoy SF conference Xiaoyu before said, is currently the sea scouring the market introduction of the quantity of the goods is too small, and put forward to solve the SF scouring the sea.

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