Hollywood actress Alba created electricity supplier Honest financing $100 million

Abstract]Honest flagship product for the pure natural diapers and toothpaste, which reached $1 billion 700 million valuation.

BI Chinese station on August 14th reported

According to

media quoted sources said, the Hollywood actress Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) and Blaine Lee (Brian Lee) co founded the The Honest Co. just maternal start-up business financing of $100 million, which reached $1 billion 700 million valuation.

this financing also makes the company was founded in 2011, the valuation of the company compared to the previous financing higher than 50%. 2014, Honest completed a $70 million C round of financing, its valuation is close to $1 billion.


Honest spokesman declined to comment on the matter. Reuters said last week, Honest is seeking a new round of financing, the valuation of up to $2 billion.

Honest flagship product for the pure natural diapers and toothpaste. These products are increasingly favored by parents, they are willing to buy these environmentally friendly products, to avoid their baby too much exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

earlier this year, Honest said the company’s 2014 sales rose to $170 million, compared with $60 million in 2013 rose sharply, more than 75% of its products sold through the network.

most of the customers through a monthly subscription purchase Honest diapers and other products.

Honest the main challenge last year from the electricity supplier giant Amazon, which launched its own brand of diapers, and commitment to product raw materials are transparent. However, after receiving consumer complaints about product design, Amazon stopped selling this product.

this summer, some consumers through social networks to denounce the sunscreen Honest, said the company’s products and did not play the desired effect, and also Instagram and Twitter posted pictures as evidence. Alba responded by blog, saying that this sunscreen in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. government passed an external third party test.

in the past year, online retailers in the open market acceptance is uneven. Wayfair, a furniture retailer, rose 69% in October 2014 after its initial public offering (IPO). American Arts and crafts electricity supplier Etsy listed on the first day of trading shares almost doubled, but has recently fallen below the issue price of IPO.

there is no news to determine the investment involved in the current round of financing Honest. Honest previously from General Partners, Catalyst, Instituti>

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