New social marketing platform Referly – sharing goods will be able to make money


online shopping has become a major craze in the present era, each of the outlets as much as possible to make their own products in the Internet all corners of the. From the shopping website sidebar to web pop ads, even now micro-blog, QQ and other social networking sites also appeared special shopping ads on the social networking site users, they send a large number of various types of commercial advertising, not only failed to achieve the positive effects of advertising, but to receive advertising users disgruntled.

by the YC business incubator cultivation of U.S. start-up companies Referly found the business opportunities, creating a social marketing platform, users in this platform can recommend some high quality and inexpensive goods to share on social networking sites. In addition, as long as the user through a simple operation to share the goods, you can easily earn a little money on this site. This site is not only a marketing advertising site, it is more focused on allowing users to learn a lot of high-quality social networking information through this social platform. Let us look at the specific use of Referly process:

users need to register on the Referly website through Referly to the shopping site, and then click on the button in the "recommended" love on the goods, the user will receive a link to the code, and to share the Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites. Users can also choose to share their own social networking sites on the recommendation of the theme, such as children’s Day gifts, emergency necessities, supplies and other categories. If someone successfully purchased the product through the share link, the user will be recommended to get the corresponding Referly cash incentives, generally 1% to 10% of the price of goods.

Referly currently has tens of thousands of franchisees, most of them are like apple, Amazon and best buy such industry giants. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the user level Referly recommendation, will recommend some small shopping site, low inferior products, and Referly also ensure commodity information provided by 100% objectively true, not exaggerated product appearance or utility, so consumers can buy bold Referly users recommended products.

recently, Referly has raised $1 million seed funds. Investors include New Enterprise Associates, Ignition Partners and other eleven investment companies. Referly President Danielle Morrill said that the money will be used to expand and improve the background services. Currently, Referly has tens of thousands of registered users, an increase of 45% over the previous month. Morrill said: "successful financing is only the beginning of their own money is the real success."

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