E-commerce is bound to pull the car network sales

car online sales in China has a certain condition. With the development of electronic commerce, consumers in the online shopping more and more acceptance, gradually formed in the online car habits, online Car Buying has the foundation of development; also with the accelerating pace of life, consumers use the convenient network demand increasingly strong, the demand for services, car sales network has great the space.

4S stores and tangible market, can be said to be the main mode of automobile sales in China, a large number of dealers is the forefront of automotive marketing system. How to integrate 4S, tangible market and store resources more fully utilized through the network, the dealer marketing potential to the maximum, the Car Buying is more simple and efficient, so as to bring more benefits to consumers, and ultimately promote the increase of automobile consumption, is a very important development direction of automobile network marketing, also more in order to adapt to the development status of the domestic car market.

is based on this consideration, Beijing, Asian Sports Village car city is building a new model of network marketing, build a platform for multi win. Based on the physical market car Beijing city of Asian Sports Village, with the characteristics of the network, later Yifeng for North car city website design 6 functions, including online supermarket, online loan, car loan, online insurance, global purchasing and online group purchase.

cooperation with Chinese automobile brand network, Beijing Asian Sports Village car city in May 28th launched a North online car supermarket, consumers can query the full range of vehicle information here, at the same time sales consultant under the guidance of better choice models; the tangible market and network combine to carry out online group purchase, Beijing Asian Sports Village car city plan monthly have a group purchase online, at the beginning of the month by sub City contact, determine the promotion models and favorable conditions, and then the information published on the Internet, through the network to understand the needs of consumers, according to the number of group purchase online registration, and then discuss the discount rate and manufacturers. Bring benefits to consumers at the same time, but also to promote the growth of car sales.

dealer’s direct impact on the active sales market. Asian Sports Village Beijing city car online loan function is to help dealers solve the problem of difficult to maximize the mobilization of the dealer’s sales potential. According to the design of sub City, all the dealers have to submit a loan application through the network, together with the dealer qualification and performance and other relevant information, the website will related content to cooperative banks; through the audit, vehicle dealers will mortgage in the sub City, unified management established by the sub city "supervision library", and then pay a proportion to Bank of the first payment, the bank will lend funds to the dealer; when the vehicle is sold to dealers, dealer retainage returned to the bank, the bank issued a directive to "regulatory sub city library, will be transferred to the vehicle dealers. In this process, the signature, interview, put the car requires the entity, the remaining formalities, review of the transaction can be carried out through the network.

loan and online insurance, is the Asian city tangible market and website resources, will be mostly "lack of coordination" and a "personal car loan

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