NGS supermarket group announced to stop cooperation with Alipay

ngs supermarket group said yesterday, as at 0:00 on May 21st in cooperation with Alipay expired, NGS supermarket group decided to stop convenience card online recharge Alipay business, and announced the official intervention of the third party payment industry, invested 150 million yuan to build third party payment platform through convenience". And in 17, a comprehensive online shopping mall platform Jingdong announced that this week will completely stop cooperation with Alipay, but the federation cup launched their own payment instruments in two months.

Lianhua OK card with Alipay "Niuduan", with the Jingdong and almost at the same time farming mall "abandoned" Alipay, this is undoubtedly in the upcoming licenses issued by the third party payment industry set off huge waves. Especially in the Jingdong and the commercial mall statement in which reflects the industry generally optimistic about the prospects of the third party payment market, also reflected in the "reshuffle" on the eve of the status of Alipay "one" has been challenged.

ngs supermarket group official told reporters yesterday that the ngs supermarket group built the third party payment platform "convenience" is the license plate. "Convenience" is approved, will include the convenience card users, to provide customers more convenient online banking payment, prepaid card business of third party payment services, but also for all kinds of online transactions, account payment, interoperability to provide services.

also revealed that the responsible person, due to the convenience of online and offline shopping card with dual functions, good prospects for development. At present, consumer convenience cards can not only be used in farming supermarket, Alldays convenience, convenience, Wuyuan groceries and the upcoming opening of the ngs supermarket warehouse club stores, consumers can also be in the new world department store, Pacific department store, Huijin department store hundreds of merchants. In addition, the convenience of the card also with the convenience of online shopping mall, Oriental CJ, ring fast payment and other sites to cooperate to facilitate consumer online consumption. Especially in the introduction of both consumption and payment, membership points, bonus and other functions return convenience through bonus card, membership through convenience has exceeded 2 million. He believes that such a huge convenience per trade net card customers will provide good market prospects for ngs supermarket group since the third party payment platform.

OK card and Alipay to stop cooperation in Lianhua, the media had questioned whether because 2% of the prepaid fee "uneven distribution" led to the two sides both denied this part company each going his own way. But there is news that Alipay does not charge a fee for individual users. But the Jingdong said mall suspend cooperation with Alipay because the rate is too high. The industry believes that, with the third market competition intense, more and more enterprises or switch, or to increase efforts to participate, rates may become the key factors of enterprises occupy a favorable position of the third party payment in the short term.


mall CEO Liu Qiangdong made it clear that to stop cooperation with Alipay because Alipay high rate, is 4 times as fast as the money and three party payment tools". According to him, the current payment

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