Enterprises choose network products need to pursue practicality

all the week, and now a lot of network companies, every day the company will receive no less than ten Internet companies to create websites, promotion, and other kinds of network products to promote the phone. These phones are nothing more than how to introduce their products, bring your business benefits, increase your product sales. Often, we received this phone psoriasis will hang up very casually or with a contemptuous disregard a few times, then hang up. Very repugnant.

above is a summary of some of our studio companies exposed to the phenomenon of the Internet company, it is estimated that a lot of business owners or employees should have a lot of sympathy and feelings after seeing it. However, after our study found that the network is not really suitable for our products, as long as we seize a few products in fact enough. Here, we summarize some of the necessary network products.

first, web site. Enterprise website is essential, we do not talk about the site of the enterprise network, e-commerce. Enterprise website is the business card, we must have. Choose what kind of network company? For enterprises, cheap is not the first, the main service and post maintenance. Some person or company launched hundreds of Yuan station project, is it really so cheap? You imagine, to your site will do a few hundred dollars for you not to mind taking the trouble to maintain and keep the effect? If so, that Lei Feng is really a lot of network companies were to drink northwest wind up. Therefore, we suggest that the company really want to own their own website, do not care about thousands of dollars, do a stable, long-term, good service is the key to the site.

second, promotion. There are several kinds of promotion, the first is the B2B e-commerce site, we think it is necessary, so contact the customer more initiative, not to find your customers. Second, competitive ranking or website optimization. The former needs a steady stream of money, we do not say bad, after all, have the advantage of spending money, always in the front. But if we want to stabilize and long-term, we also recommend the use of site optimization approach.

enterprises to choose the network products need to pursue the practicality of other products, we do not think it is too important. There’s something else we can add.

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