Qingdao Amoy Blue Ocean Education Consulting focus on education and training and network marketing

fly work on Qingdao Amoy blue ocean, they say so!

Qingdao Amoy Blue Ocean Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the education and training of network marketing cutting-edge enterprise, the company is committed to creating the most well-being of the enterprise, to create a humane working space for the employees, so that everyone can work happy in this team, they make money.

if you are tired of big company, unnecessary and overelaborate formalities do I love too observant of conventional standards., do things in our business, we need more ideas, " " every member of the team, there are views and suggestions of the rights, we desire to have a variety of ideas, we love to hear the voice of criticism.

If you don’t like

big company bureaucracy, unbearable suck internal strife, we advocate simple friendly relationships, advocating harmonious transparent communication environment, we fought together comrades, not the machinations of the enemy. Anyone who destroys the cohesion and harmony of our team, we will resolutely clean up.

if the dreams of your heart has been suppressed for too long away from reality, but unwilling to give up, if you don’t want to have life bloom will wither. We are a group of ordinary people, no bright degree, no prominent background, but not be at the mercy of fate. Our dream is very small, we do not expect how much can be done, we just want to be a strong sense of happiness of the enterprise, so that everyone has the courage to get back to those who have given up the dream.

we firmly believe that: as long as we have a dream, as long as we dare to try, as long as we never give up, a group of ordinary people can do something extraordinary. At least, in this very suck the reality, let us have the opportunity to understand what

called hope!

Qingdao blue ocean pay

company pursues the principle is: you dare, the company will dare to, but the premise is that you can do it! As long as you can give the company to create high enough value, you can mention.

Qingdao blue ocean culture concept

1, do not say any excuse


team should not only recognize the work, even if you have to pay more, but as long as you do not complete the task, the punishment is a must. Anything, if you want to do it, you will think of one or more ways; if you don’t want to do it, you will find one or many reasons!


chat, play games, read novels, do nothing to work as a pastime, see here, not commitment but a waste of his life, pass the working time, please don’t come here, to avoid causing mental harm.


we do not advocate overtime, overtime means that you are not efficient in working hours, all tasks should be arranged in the normal working hours to complete, after work

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