Honey bud 61 surprise night won the the Great Wall Gold Award TV Gala + electricity supplier into a

with 2016 pairs of 11 approaches, the appliance manufacturers are eager for a fight in the preparatory stage. One of the most striking, is undoubtedly Tmall signed with Zhejiang satellite TV, double the 11 party on the evening of November 10th TV – this new game has quietly become the most preferred marketing business model: from 2015 to date, there have been Tmall, honey bud, D2C and other home appliances business platform to test the water electricity + TV ", and achieved remarkable success. The honey bud and the Golden Eagle cartoon together to create amazing honey bud 61 night, is awarded the 2016 annual media Award – the Great Wall Chinese enterprise cooperation communication award.

despite its high threshold, but it can not stop the pace of China’s electricity supplier to become the next round of new marketing trends.

Tmall + Hunan satellite TV

was the "new game + electricity supplier TV" wonders

2015, entered the "seven year itch" Tmall "double 11" faces a series of embarrassing: the simple price war in question, let the user fatigue promotion crisis. In this case, Ali fruit came up with a new set of games – party.


to prepare for this double 11 carnival night, Ma not only generous contract to the Hunan satellite TV, also Zhao Wei, Feng Xiaogang, Eason Chan, TFboys, Wang Kai, Zhang Yixing and other half entertainment are called to play a 4 hours of advertising for themselves: "Star Wars" Warriors "cool start house" in the United States President Kevin · Spacey; for the Tmall platform, "007" actor, international superstar Daniel · Craig and Ma airborne party scene interaction.

is the biggest highlight of the party, not the star studded, but to create a new scene of consumption and recreation "and interactive multi screen, cleverly entertainment content, Star Games, mobile shopping together, so that consumers can through television, Internet and mobile phone platform, realize while watching the play while you buy buy.

proved that this innovation has achieved more than expected results. The party directly led to the popularity and traffic, during the whole evening, there are more than 10 million consumers to use mobile phone, mobile phone Taobao Tmall to participate in the party’s "shake" interaction, hundreds of thousands of pieces of 1 yuan purchase of imported milk, welfare sweeping robot, four sets of textile, air tickets, and even 11 Taiwan Cadillac cars have been swept away 1 yuan consumers.

According to

ratings from monitoring company Nelson, as of November 10th the day 23:30, a live "Tmall double 11 carnival night market share up to 29.66% to 2.99 easily won strong ratings, occupy the same section of the country all broadcast the song list.

, according to data released by Tmall, as of November 11th 24, the Tmall double 11 global 2015

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