Old end English SEM online shopping sites need to pay attention to a few details

A lot of foreign trade retail owners often met the problem is that the

SEO keyword ranking up, also to flow, but sales are not ideal, a big problem is the details, the details do not directly affect your sales. The foreign trade station retail need to pay attention to what the problem, at the end of the old in here a few main speaking, one is the description of the goods, the foreigner online shopping has been very popular, trading than domestic more regular and perfect, many are looking directly at your website directly to buy, do not ask what unlike the domestic Taobao, ask what a day is not to buy.

so for foreigners, the description of the goods made him think you website goods authenticity and understanding of merchandise, directly affect your sales, so when writing a description of the goods to the translation is correct, what type of mistake, many foreigners are in direct search models, especially for the imitation goods perhaps the research of this brand of foreigners than you are so thorough, another is that you have to sell goods to you have a better understanding. If you have a customer service, it is best to ask some of the questions raised by the customer together to sort out a document, the future can be directly copied when asked to reply, but also to save time and reduce errors. In addition to the description of the goods, another is the customer evaluation, so attach great importance to others on your goods advice, you can register several ID to evaluate their own goods, with speculation forum, need to give yourself some vest evaluation, of course is advantageous to their evaluation, but should not be too obvious to cheat a foreigner, or very smart, they will not copy others website written uniform evaluation.

In addition to these

, your site must meet the foreigner’s appetite, not to see that this is a China style, with your product template choose a love style, home products must be rich, then that is shopping payment process should be concise, not too many complex steps, at the end of the old ever seen evaluation on the shopping site to a foreigner investigation, try not to mean too many steps, can let me fill out the necessary information for quick payment is good, this is a foreigner myself, so a good user experience to summarize the characteristics of foreign trade station should be: good layout, high user trust the degree of experience, the payment process safe and fast, do these in your foreign trade shopping site is definitely a multiplier effect.

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