Not yet opened Wanda electricity supplier with any valuation of 20 billion, revealing its true color


2015 is a O2O battle, Miss 2015, Wan Hui did not A new force suddenly rises., defeated. With the help of the world’s largest commercial real estate projects, one million began to take an advantage, but the traditional commercial real estate first, does not mean that O2O can make the first. If the general really incompetent, even if Wanda, external cooperation cannot stop service.


Wanda Group’s business website wankui on-line has been more than a year, I recently had a try wankui iPhone version, download the 0.9.10 version, and a combination of Web products (WebApp not found), in accordance with the version number of view should belong to the test version.

the following is a simple structure, in accordance with the habits of the author, the right side of the functional structure, the left is the highlight of the problem, etc.. On the product, it is a very common product, and even some of the standard configuration of electricity supplier products have not been developed.


mobile terminal wankui even the most basic UGC entrance no details page sharing button can not be used, adequate human and financial input, should not be ah.

In addition to the individual

very low price product sales can, like 1 points for KTV 100-30, a restaurant coupons, other businesses will not flow? The fundamental reason is the consumer: cheap or even free to Wanda consumption led the way to online coupons, rather than drive line.

like this general relying on resources under Wanda line electricity supplier O2O

should do?

1, the combination of online and offline

combined with their own advantages of resources integration of online and offline Wanda imperative, this is Wanda electricity supplier advantages, not to do more.

2, product development to the mobile terminal sending end


mobile phone is closer to the user than PC era, all the development should be dominated by mobile terminal.

3, mobile platform strategy


line is the platform resources, Wanda electricity supplier to become a O2O inside one of the enterprise, should do and can do wankui only developed "1+N" platform allows businesses to access. The 1 is for all products, users and marketing to profit, only a body of a platform of a product. N is the right to the line of business independent marketing management. Look a bit like Tmall, careful consideration, in fact, 14 years of hot takeaway O2O is not a platform for businesses. After the completion of product development, do a few successful promotion, so that the next line of business reference, relying on a single Wanda promotion or merchants to complete independently, the cost is too high.

4, to solve the problem of asymmetric information

enterprises to improve production and sales efficiency. The present Chinese market

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