Wangzhuan is how to make you play earned your website

make your site "play" is a book about the website of the book, more systematic introduction to the web site operators need to consider all aspects, and through actual cases detailed analysis of website operation success. This book is easy to understand the language, the grassroots webmaster website will have some inspiration.


name is quite interesting, play make your website, revealed the essential reason of grassroots webmaster of the operation of the site, I before several articles also mentioned some of their own do stand experience, make a station driving force is often reflected in the play earned the two words. I remember the first stop is the personal home page, although no one has to browse, but happiness within, reflects a word play. Later came to know the website also can make money, they made a love they had a profitable website, which reflects from play Wangzhuan process. Do stand a few years, also made a number of sites, later station will first consider is how to make a profitable station, and not just in their own interests, many of which are in Wangzhuan for the first goal, I think most grassroots webmaster and I have similar experiences. This book is to let you be able to earn your website, both to experience the fun of standing, but also easy to make money.

I think a lot like me is no stranger to the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan, in the webmaster nets every day can Wangzhuan site operators and some monasteries of the soft, but these information are often reduced to fragments, it was emphasized that the chain is very strong today, all the daily pursuit of the chain, the chain of a chain of black white don’t let tomorrow, and some people say that the content is the soul of the website, and then began to collect the mass or pseudo original. Some people say how to earn 200 day today, so go for what alliance advertising, tomorrow and some people say that Taobao customers earn 5000 month is not a dream, and the web site into a station. QQ station, novel station, navigation station, others say what money fast, a few more than a few hundred in the same website. Grassroots webmaster do stand universal blind characteristics, there is no complete plan, nor a website development, do not stand more patience, a keyword ranking dropped, a few days do not update the snapshot, began remedise. If you belong to the above types of grassroots webmaster, recommend you see the soft time down carefully read "play make your website" this book, this book is a comprehensive summary of methods and techniques to help us at present operation of small sites, these skills are especially important for the novice webmaster, is conducive to standardizing we do the habit of thinking and behavior from the start station.

is another highlight of the book lies in using a large number of cases to prove their point of view, although the road whenever successful website is different, but all have the same quality, but the site’s failure in addition to congenital failure topics, in the process of operation details is decided whether can be the key site of continuing strong. Combined with this book, I also began to reflect on their own in the process of doing some of the problems, as well as the future of the site.

network is a virtual, when Wangzhuan is realistic, bank card numbers and beating >

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