The way of communication between 5 common e-commerce websites

now small and medium enterprises website operators are considering the use of e-commerce to increase sales, improve product brand awareness in the process, many factors need to be considered, but one important indicator is the amount of consultation. Visitors to the communication between the staff and customer service through the website, we can let them know our product advantages, our strength and other aspects, and finally led to a deal with the viewer, then can get the user’s contact (telephone, QQ and e-mail) for late tracking service, to after sales! General visitors access to the site if you want to consult you through the following 5 common Consulting:


business website

this way is now very common, basic sales website have business software, currently on the market can provide the business software company is also very much, but is generally a fee, you can choose according to their actual needs. Dalian Zhong Shi is not bad, a lot of data on our website is relatively large help.

2 Tel

some visitors typing limited or troublesome love directly by telephone communication, site this time should also put the phone in a prominent position, convenient for the user in his own way, the common telephone mainly has the following several


A. local phone


phone must have, I think there are 2 aspects of the role of a local people used to use this number, two is to increase user confidence in the site, because there are a lot of websites you can through the web site information to judge the company in the end is what place, feeling like a bag of companies can not give trust


B.400 phone

phone 400 is now basically popular, many companies are using the phone, but the 400 tariff should be said that the general plane is paid only dial the telephone fee for mobile phone users, different operators and package costs are not the same, but with the local solid favorable netcom. A lot of users feel that the 400 phone is free, I did not know when the phone is the same as that of the 400, so the site explained above, so as not to be deceived by consumers mistakenly believe that


C.800 phone

800 phone call for consumers, is a completely free telephone service, but generally only a landline and mobile phone can not call to PHS, now. Now a lot of mobile phone users like to use a mobile phone call, the result is always out of order, resulting in a large loss of customers, which also requires us to indicate the 800 phone on the site

D. network phone

network phone is also a common way, the browser just need to enter your phone number in the web page can be, and then the operator of the site can call the initiative to call >

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