Taobao began to auction the island, you will throw money or stir up trouble

Taobao began to auction the island, we can auction a nouveau riche Island, after taking the real estate investment immigration, or just want to be a quiet island of Taohua Island is their own choice.

March 3rd will begin the official auction, is still in the registration stage, the general need to pay 1000 to $5000 to participate in the margin. Although there are a lot of options, but you may want Fiji can not touch the lives of children, the blue island of its heart.

near Fiji’s main island "Haiyangzhixin" is a type of the original island. As the Commonwealth of the Republic, Fiji has more than and 300 large and small islands, half of which are uninhabited, and the sea is as blue as diamonds. As a former film of the island, the rest of the island to shoot, Bill · Gates’s wedding, honeymoon venue, President of the United States, President of drinking water is also a special gimmick full of water. A few days ago, President Xi Jinping’s diplomatic runaway Fijian also became the new China to Fiji visa, the highest can stay for 90 days. Ah, but you might get a tan, because you can’t wear a hat other than the head of the village in fiji.

the island is handled by the Vladi Private Islands GmbH, an island brokerage firm headquartered in Hamburg, germany. You can also call the hotline service requirements.

its reference price is 5 million 800 thousand yuan, after the purchase can enjoy the remaining 99 years of property rights for the past 89 years. Do not know that this figure is not that it has been for 10 years, but in contrast, Canada Island only Dade reference price of 2 million 280 thousand can get permanent property. The island is known as "Pu Yi teacher Johnston king of the division, with the island island" also comes with a small museum, and therefore hope Chinese could take over the island".

in addition to 50 thousand yuan deposit, the purchase of an island you also need to pay the additional cost of attorney fees, transfer tax, consumption tax and the annual holding costs and property taxes, etc.. Of course, we can also see a lot of Tucao next to the auction page.

as a seller, you need to pay the operating margin of 95000 to the auction house and technical service guarantee fee of $5000. If it is real estate services, you need a deposit of 495000 yuan.

concern is the Taobao auction and in more than one aspect of this island, you can go to the ladies Department tried to take it to the price of 1 yuan of luxury bags, or go to the area to take the court judicial auction sale of real estate.

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