Taobao customer practical skills sharing and online shopping market situation

first to share with you the current online shopping market situation

Taobao eleven during the transaction volume of 626 million, has now exceeded the daily 800 million, in the near new year period, I believe will create miracles. At present, online shopping has become the people’s lives, in the traditional sense, we will not imagine the impact of the site on life. And now you can clearly see that online shopping has gone beyond the traditional shopping paradise.




latest report released

in the next 4 years, online shopping will reach about 4.83% of the total retail sales, at around 1 trillion. According to the experience of the United States and other mature markets, this transaction will be 30% of the partners from the promotion of

combined with Taobao products, Taobao is the passenger business, owners have their own traffic, have their own marketing resources, combined with the trend of e-commerce at present, will flow have a greater value of

well, the above is some macro aspects, I believe we have to understand.

there should have been a lot of webmasters began to do Taobao off, then we began to dry.

introduce some of the more practical skills, I believe that this is everyone’s attention

1, high-quality shop recommended

this is a commonly used way of promotion, Taobao currently has more than 400 million of the goods, want to choose their own satisfaction with the goods is more difficult.

this is what we are going to launch a product, Taobao hot shop recommended

consumers find it difficult to find goods, which appeared business opportunities, if we can help consumers to provide quality stores Taobao, so that consumers quickly find their own products, of course, will have to buy. There are a lot of early owners are trying to do this, I know a webmaster, every day to spend a lot of time through Taobao or friends to find such a good shop. Continue to optimize the benefits of each store, eliminate the poor conversion of the store, it is currently a click of the basic can reach 0.3 yuan. Has been gradually beyond the traditional click type advertising unit price. For most of the webmaster, perhaps not familiar with the early stage of Taobao’s high quality shops, so we will organize the above we see the template. Through the summary of Taobao’s transaction data, the quality of the seller every day, pick out for everyone to promote!

2, online shopping experience sharing

you can find in a lot of local forums, or shopping forum, there are a lot of girls like to share the experience of shopping, and the accumulation of a large number of fans. This group is currently the guest is very popular and affordable. They use their own experience in shopping for friends or friends to provide shopping advice to help people choose goods. For example, a call a M>

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