Buy all over the world tip black five Carnival shopping in Sogou search

double eleven panic buying discounted goods have not yet been fully opened, "black Friday" the Christmas shopping season with the first snow on the north, not to the credit card "cut the hand of the party who is already in, Mayer, Nichia and 6pm sea Amoy website hualiaoyan? It must not miss. Shopping search channel, here seven million promotional merchandise category from selected the most affordable goods, let you again in November 25th through eleven all over the world to buy double tip goods"



if the double eleven has become Chinese business enterprise together to create the most ambitious Online Shopping Festival, then for advocating quality sea Amoy family, black Friday is their shopping feast. "Black Friday" also called the Chinese cabbage, is the first day after the holiday of Thanksgiving Day, the major European and American businesses will be the largest annual discount promotions, in order to meet once a year Christmas shopping season.

thanks to the excellent quality of overseas goods and affordable price, as well as the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, more and more become the black Friday cut the hand of loyal fans. However, the implementation of cross-border electricity supplier of the new tax reform ended the sea Amoy duty-free era, and transport, customs clearance cumbersome process caused by hand chop weeks of waiting, greatly reduce the "black five" brings us joy. But never mind, Sogou shopping search channel dedicated to create the "double eleven to buy over the world through the tip of goods" has been officially launched, in cooperation with the industry’s most professional sea Amoy company, we get in black Friday affordable prices at the same time, but also enjoy the "global mail", "limited exemption", "overtime payment" of the three "domestic electricity supplier" value-added services, let you enjoy the "five Black Sea Amoy feast"


in the shopping search Sogou black Friday activity area, mainly to provide Nichia, Meyer, 6pm of the three most famous overseas electricity supplier website millions of goods website direct mail and limited duty-free goods and mail services are divided into global maternal, international beauty and overseas digital, Home Furnishing life, health food, clothing, shoes and bags outdoor sports of the seven sea Amoy the most popular classification, even if is the first test of the sea Amoy to white buyers could quickly find their love of goods, easy shopping, no trouble to fill a variety of transport information.


At the same time, price and Meiya Nichia

area all recommended products of Z, Z and 6PM seckill cost activities Limited special offer activities in real time synchronization, whether it is treasure treasure mom dad, are Master, Home Furnishing experts or digital geeks, did not miss the Holland special offer seckill milk, toilet cover, Japan drugstore, Beats headset and worry.


not only that, in the event area of the special column, there are many High buy the world, cheaper than the local exclusive duty-free goods >

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