O2O local needs must not be empty talk

What is


began in 2012, a new term in the field of e-commerce O2O instantly by various types of enterprises and industry insiders to discuss, or tap their profit opportunities. O2O in the end what is the usual explanation is Online to Offline, the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. In this way, the line service can use line showmanship, consumers can choose products or services online, but also online settlement, and online access to goods or services.

can be seen from the explanation, O2O must be based on the physical store itself, the service of all entities and businesses and entities merchants goods or services. Through the realization of O2O is the online showmanship, offline consumption. For physical businesses, the Internet is just a tool for its use, through the use of online tools, and the realization of the docking of the entity under the line to achieve the purpose of serving the entity.

O2O how much fire?

with the coverage of 3G networks, the popularity of smart phones and the rise of the application of two-dimensional code technology, in 2012 as a new concept of O2O hot. Even after 2011, fierce group purchase market has also been out for something again, this concept has been continuously enlarged, make people feel that it is full of hope, it is easy to attract capital. As long as anyone who is successful through O2O, who will become the leader in the field of electricity providers, will be a dominant in this field.

so, the new attempt to start O2O again in full swing. Many companies have not yet figured out what O2O is, in order to catch up with this new trend, have flocked to them. At this moment, it seems not to play a O2O is not in this Internet era, it is bound to miss the same business opportunities.

behind the fire is really really so optimistic? These enterprises we calm down and look closely tied with the concept, it can be found that O2O is actually just "do ladaqi tiger".

for example, Ctrip, eLong such travel service enterprises, there are 58 city and Ganji, people network, public comment on these provide life information service based enterprises, they used a few years ago is now known as the O2O way. However, in fact, they are service e-commerce, e-commerce is characterized by such services must be completed online, and rely on online as an information and payment platform. The new force of suning.com, the online price strategy after being put on the coat of O2O. Just imagine, since the line of the price, how many people are there in the store experience, and then consciously, made a special trip to the online mall to order? It can become a O2O 


how to define O2O?

a glance, will think O2O (Onli>)

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