E move open 1 yuan CN domain name registration and discount space activities

registered address: http://s.biz.edong.com

Dear users:

to thank the vast number of users has been on our support and love, together with CNNIC to promote the CN domain name as China EDONG network launched 1 yuan of registered CN domain name, "super special.


during the event details: first, new CN domain name registration first year fee face price 1 yuan / year. (including all agents)

1 CN note:
2, unified plus time Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30.

3, 5 yuan only registered for the 5 CN domain name, and will be forfeited.

4, CN domain renewal to maintain the original price, out of a need to renew, transfer fee of 10 yuan / month.

5, apply for free domain name user registration information must be true, accurate, complete.

6, active time from now until April 30, 2007.

7, the final interpretation of the activities of the Chinese E mobile network all.

registered address: http://s.biz.edong.com

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