CNNC data show that CN domain annual growth rate of 94.6%

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China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that as of the end of July, China’s CN domain name registration has reached 12 million 360 thousand, the annual growth rate of 94.6%. Experts pointed out that the CN domain name explosive development thanks to the rapid development of China’s Internet trend, and its own standardized registration management system, stable analytical services, etc.. Among them, CN domain name registration service agencies bear an important backing role.

CNNIC gave the recognition of registration services have made outstanding contributions to the Internet era, with excellent performance, won the gold medal in the CN domain name registration services "title. It is understood that the "highest honor medal CN domain name registered institutions" as domestic registration services, has always been the Internet address resources industry "Oscar award". The assessment involves many aspects registration services registration number, service quality, reputation, through rigorous scientific assessment and evaluation, the final selection of the number of CN domain name registration services Gold Award ".

The main evaluation

a registered CN domain name of small and medium-sized enterprises, said: "the popularity of Service Medal registered in the CN domain knowledge promotion and registration services, plays an important role, the registered users is a confidence guarantee, service guarantee. Registered CN domain name registration services to find gold, reputation, quality of service do not have to worry about."

CNNIC report pointed out that China’s CN domain name registration has exceeded the German.De domain name, becoming the world’s largest national top-level domain name, CN domain name in the proportion of China’s domain name system is growing. Internet Era ( as the first batch of CNNIC certification after registration services, after 8 years of development, signing agent has reached thousands more, 31 provinces and cities across the country (including Hong Kong) and Southeast Asia, directly promoted the popularization of the CN domain in the southeast coastal area of East and South asia. Especially after CNNIC launched the "CN domain name one yuan experience and national domain off action", Internet era launched various promotional activities, continue to strengthen the quality of service, to further promote the mainstream application of CN domain name.

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