Spring Festival gift to send warm heart table honor zero Bracelet open

spring festival gifts to prepare in advance, oh, there is less than a month away from the Spring Festival!!!

from January 1, 2016 to February 6th, by the hand chop party named Yan Zhichao superb beauty glory Bracelet zero considerate of you in advance to prepare for the Spring Festival holiday gifts for family, friends, partners, customers, colleagues and other intentions, thoughtfully prepared coupons for you. If you have ever used HUAWEI or glory brand mobile phone, only in the event page (http://s.sale.vmall.com/honorbonus1.html) simple input mobile phone number, in accordance with the 50 yuan coupon operation prompts to receive glory Bracelet zero, the tickets will be issued directly to your Vmall account, direct deduction of cash in the purchase or upgrade version of the glory Bracelet zero glory Bracelet zero SS.


glory Bracelet zero – Smart casual and sports fashion’s new darling

glory Bracelet zero, both Nordic style chic appearance and intelligent technology is the perfect interweaving of wearable devices, once listed will become the focus of attention.


at the end of 2015, and launched an upgraded version of glory – Glory Bracelet glory Bracelet zero zero SS version, light luxury fashion temperament again the smart Bracelet color value pinnacle.

version glory Bracelet zero SS 2016 – light luxury fashion design Rose Gold Dial, double ring Italy Leather Watchband

is a smart bracelet can successfully "in the fashion industry, thanks to the casual visitor" glory Bracelet zero SS version of the delicate beautiful appearance. Double spiral unique winding type watchband, in order to ensure the wearer experience, particularly the Italy leather as the main material, there are black, brown, khaki color options, light luxury and elegant, noble sense of self-evident. And watch strap is echoed in the 1.06 inch touch screen PMOLED white light with high strength stainless steel wire drawing with Rose Gold Dial, rose gold and rose gold mirror two clock styles available.


rose gold can be described as the first luxury color in 2016, a single romantic name from her can cause countless wonderful associations. After the gold jewelry and classic sparkling elegant platinum jewelry, pastel charming rose gold jewelry has become a fashion darling, glory Bracelet zero SS Leather Wristband with rose gold version will be the perfect fusion of romantic style and set off each other, and deduce a new world of smart Bracelet light luxury chic the.

Glory Bracelet

high value zero Yan SS version no suspense to become wrist intelligent equipment headed huadan. Not only in intelligence

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