Zhang Zhaoyang exploring the state of no anxiety

"Hall of fame" and "Boss church" frequently "show", "Silence" of nearly two years of Zhang Zhaoyang recent high-profile up suddenly. Go to the Charles anxiety does not seem to want to go by the costumes and speech Zhang Bo good attention, while trying to show the spirit of the thinker tempt the appetite of people.

he said he absolutely did not want to do a good standard of anxiety man.

Transformation: show? Maturity?

Sohu became the twenty-ninth Olympic Games Internet content service sponsor, Zhang Zhaoyang suddenly disappeared from the sight of nearly two years. The countdown to the Olympic Games, he suddenly jumped out of the TV, to 3 of the technical transformation of the Sohu eye. In his call, more show move blog event, once the opponent.

for a new round of the show, he looked happy, confident in: "I still have a lot of experience in marketing, to seize the social excitement."

"this is my summer offensive leadership, because it relates to technology, I grasp the product technology, recently caught in marketing, so the whole from technology to products, brand promotion, offensive in the summer I was very satisfied, I jump out of propaganda, it is coherent, I all blend into one harmonious whole. I feel very good."

in the past two years, the so-called quiet, he thought about the implementation of the technical strategy of the day.

Sohu to technology driven strategy, began in 2004 to reflect on. For Zhang Zhaoyang, this action is not the time to adjust the company structure. During this period, we should constantly establish the importance of technology and products in the team, and gradually identify and select the most intelligent and competent people to the important leadership positions. This is a slow process.

has been changing, now has become more satisfied."

this year, he did not give enough media topics, such as the quiet Sahara desert, the reason is to be closed. Now the new car market, the desert is also a sudden enthusiasm. Just after the bustle, still find the marketing Sohu and bold show some gentle man. In the marketing means, he transformed from the appearance to the heart, began to use physics doctor’s eyes, frustration and fame and fortune experience, psychology and Chinese revolutionary history to impress people. His theory of anxiety, and even caught a group of elderly people will never be on the internet.

he said that this transformation is a mature: I am a feature is true, and now not the same as before, people are in the development of change." This is also related to the growth of Sohu: if the Sohu does not have such a smooth transition today, I would not be able to explore the so-called no anxiety state, concentrate on thinking, not interference."

Zhang Zhaoyang’s growth process is very representative of the process of China’s changes in the times, the great changes in the economic transformation so that he experienced strong anxiety. Even in relative silence

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