Taobao alliance Chen Jian e-commerce case sharing

Admin5 station network April 10th news hotline 2011 Chongqing Internet webmaster General Assembly held in April 9th in Chongqing science and Technology Museum, the Chongqing hotline, Chongqing website alliance, laggards forum, Discusz! Community, jointly sponsored by the Baidu Entrepreneurs Club, Chongqing slipped by Chongqing science and Technology Museum,, Monument for Liberation and Co from all over the country more than 800 owners and guests attended the meeting, the following is the speech of Taobao alliance leader Chen Jian at the meeting.

everyone webmaster friends, good afternoon everyone! This is the first time to Chongqing, before occasionally, once accidentally come first, then go to Xi’an, Xi’an can’t land at that time, come to Chongqing landing. The very edge, was landing in Chongqing, telling friends in Chongqing are very few. Today, we have a day of the meeting, tired? I think it should be very tired, we have a good activity? Maybe some people have played this event, we stand up?. Every time we attend what purpose? First listen to these guests to share, but only a few guests, more is to make friends; so I think you raised his left hand, pat you on the left side of the friend said, it’s really nice to meet you. Then give me your right hand, shout with me and make money with each other.

a small game, we will not be so sleepy. Today I share it, the new era of e-commerce opportunities. Today, I hope to share with you a reference, which kind of website can make money, which can not make money. Today is divided into three parts, the first is to share now Taobao alliance data reflected the value of the site in what place? Second, horizontal, the type of site is large; third Taobao alliance platform what can you help.

brief, because yesterday was the first anniversary of Taobao alliance, what everyone in the first anniversary of Taobao do? A month now has 500 thousand active, Taobao, the daily turnover is 500 thousand, turnover of 36 million in 2010, a total turnover of 5 billion yuan. This is the Alipay deal, real turnover. We know that last year created a miracle of the development of B2C, there are 963 million transactions, of which there are 100 million small and medium Taobao alliance members. Where are these 100 million? Let’s take a look at this data for the first time. This is the main type of website for all the Internet, the value of e-commerce transactions. Now we see small and medium-sized media more and more advantages reflected, they may send a micro-blog in SNS, may send a message in the forum, look at the traditional field which is better? Accounted for 25% of the web site is B2C (sound), this year is the bottleneck of the development of traffic, and traffic in this year still, page access station (sound), the cost of marketing to raise a lot of money, a lot of opportunities to upgrade. The third is vertical media, such media in the last year, in particular, to escape the shopping related media >

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