Deep analysis of domain name and domain name investment

Webmaster Station will encounter a lot of problems, space with where? CMS choose PHP or.Net, how to promote the site after the promotion, and so on, but I think the most important should be the choice of domain names. As everyone knows the domain name is a kind of non renewable resources of the Internet, its importance to the site of the water on the human body is tantamount to the importance of a good domain name, meaning obviously will save you a lot of publicity costs at the same time, people can quickly remember it, remember your site.

operators for their own interests to introduce various suffix domain name registration, the domain name suffix universal enough must be introduced in other countries such as.Me,.La and so on suffix suffix, lead us in the station owners have no choice, or the domain of time also dazzling Tuzeng the registration fee, because once we want a good domain name we always want to register down together related suffix, as the domain name protection. But whether it is in the United States or Chinese even more backward countries and regions, want to let those who have no computer background knowledge people remember.Name/.cc/.la/.sh/.ac/.biz, it is almost impossible to do, even if each domain has a positioning and use his clear. From the existing layout of the site we can see that few websites can use these suffixes to win the user’s love and development, especially in China, although the Internet has a population of 300 million, but we have the three hundred million is the number of educated people even worse is that we have nearly 900 million rural people will need to use the Internet, you can not hope and they remember the tongue suffix.

that we are not hard to promote and use the Chinese website? From the current point of view we take the largest new site Sina, our input is 12 times, and his domain name Sina we need only 4 times. The more convenient at a glance. For example, you are willing to enter 163 or would like to knock a few keyboard input NetEase? Not to mention to the current user’s IE use, IE7 is not yet universal, or even not widespread popularity of IE7 also need to install plug-ins to address Chinese browse! Users may not use IE6 to enter Chinese browse. So at least the next 4-5 years. Chinese will not become mainstream, but also from the keyboard use habits, from the education of our country English than Chinese also popular! Chinese. Eventually is a gimmick, strategic significance than practical significance! Because on the one hand, forcing students to learn a foreign language, and forced learning the Chinese, used to address people turn back using the Chinese web site, you think this contradiction is ridiculous and helpless.

so difficult to choose a good domain name, the domain name is more difficult, because a lot of non renewable, "the river becomes warm in spring ducks people early in the register a good domain name for future Mantianyaojia, you don’t do it but once again do station station wants a good domain name, but on the capital to buy hope that the domain name, so we choose a lot of weird after.

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