Double 11 merchants return rate of nearly 70% due to brush single

network transmission double 11 return rate of the highest business responded that the calculation method error

double 11 electricity supplier war just over a month ago, yesterday, a double 11 business statistics on WeChat and micro-blog crazy pass. Among them, some businesses within 1 months of the return rate of up to 70%. While some of the respondents in the merchant told reporters, "double 11" return is really a problem, but never so sensational, but the calculation of refund rate deviation. Tmall said it would not respond temporarily.

yesterday, a double 11 after the tragedy: Korean homes have abandoned the rate of return of 69.8%, JACK&JONES, the article raised concerns about the article. This article lists the millet, HUAWEI, Haier, Lin wood furniture, UNIQLO, starry, JackJones, Roley, and all the friends of Home Furnishing textile Meizu the ten home appliance supplier rating. Among them, the high rate of return is a common feature (as of December 21st), the highest rate of return for Han Douyi homes, up to 69.83%. The article also equipped with a large number of Tmall data screenshots as evidence.


high return rate or due to brush single

for some businesses why return rate is high, the reporter also interviewed a number of people in the line, they think it may be related to the business of false trading brush behavior related.

line revealed that the annual double 11, a few hours before the transaction is the most crazy time, the performance of the business in the second hours of good business to enter the next main venue". Some businesses in order to grab the main venue, the brush as the main means.

to participate in the business, the vast majority of the platform’s promotions, are required to have a certain amount of sales and a certain degree of praise can apply. But buyers have a herd mentality, zero sales baby, very difficult for customers to make the purchase, through a single brush can enhance overall store reputation, retain users, a single brush can also upgrade the sales rankings and baby shop.

, however, the Korean homes have clothes to reporters denied the brush statement. The company said, Tmall in the double 11 brush brush behavior before, if caught, the store will be punished, the company will not take the risk. As early as the double 11 before the internal issued a notice, is strictly prohibited within the company IP orders to buy Korean clothes clothes. He said the company would prosecute violators.

consumers: impulse shopping 7 days no reason to return

reporter saw in the data screenshot, the reason for the return rate is mainly concentrated in the Buyer no reason to refund, which reflects the double 11 during the impulse generated by the purchase, the regret is not a minority.

at the same time, according to a survey, 30.69% of respondents said the grab in "double 11" promotion of online shopping goods have quality problems, or products in the logistics were damaged in the. Inconsistent with the sale of photos to become another reason to return.

in addition to "double"

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