Twelve LG G3 G after the carnival, starting off

December, it is time to adjust the state, so that the body and mind in peace. Why don’t you give yourself a gift for a busy year, or a favorite phone, or a pleasant journey. Hereby, LG Lee Min Ho sent a hand in hand at the end of the "heart" tour for you now, in "LG G3 G after the carnival, the guest of" activities, not only can enjoy 3199 yuan of preferential prices, as well as the chance to win 4999 yuan Tourism Fund, LG Beat Mobile phone G3 and other multiple awards. Active link:

LG G3 as the biggest dark horse in this year’s high-end smart phones, better than iPhone 6 Plus laser autofocus lens and Quad HD screen, making it a lot of people’s travel artifact". Travel on the road with LG G3, experience innovative laser autofocus technology, as short as 0.276 seconds of focus time, will not miss any exciting moments on the trip. In addition, large aperture, interface design and original self fill gesture self timer function can let you experience the different self pleasure. The world’s leading Quad HD screen with a resolution of up to 2560*1440, bringing unusual video entertainment. 2940mAh removable battery design, as well as the characteristics of dual card dual pass, the achievements of the National Bank LG G3 irresistible charm. Now participate in the activities, to win the following awards, with LG G3 "travel artifact", G carved departure!


: pleasant dreams come true for drifting around

yearning for a leisurely and comfortable travel, during the event, the successful purchase of LG G3 will have the opportunity to get 4999 yuan Tourism Fund (a total of 1).

sun madman welfare – excellent sun single award

enjoy the 11.11 circle of friends drying out the sun you, it is time to bask in the LG 12.12 G3 travel artifact. During the event, the successful purchase of LG G3, in accordance with the rules to complete the sun alone, will have access to 1000 yuan worth of travel funds (a total of 10).

win LG G3 Beat gave her the most important

if you do not travel plan does not matter at the time, the event has to buy LG G3, winning LG G3 Beat, the real big action. During the event, the successful purchase of LG G3, as long as the number of orders through micro-blog drying, and @LG phone @ Jingdong mobile communications, will have the opportunity to win LG G3 Beat phone (a total of 10 units). You use the LG G3 LG G3, the compact Beat gave her most important, let the couple machine, bestie machine in


that is the pleasure of the collar – value coupons

this event also provides 100 yuan LG G3 mobile phone coupons, as well as $50 LG G3 phone original protective cover $50