Magic box important announcement important data on the last week, an important announcement

              from the start on Friday, because the product changes, resulting in some loss of data, bring a loss to the webmaster, on behalf of the magic box advertising platform ( staff to express my sincere apologies to you, I hope you forgive me, please continue to we support! We will pay close attention to the problem and reduce the loss to almost 0.

              in order to compensate for the losses caused to you last week, the magic box advertising platform ( all data this week magic box products, magic box advertising platform will be in accordance with the actual amount to 110% and to the main site of settlement.

              at the same time, the new alliance on the DELL advertising, monthly settlement, data is returned to the first week of the third week data, DELL is such a settlement mode for all advertising. The magic box advertising platform settlement cost is: 10, according to each $280 settlement, more than 10 units, according to each $290 settlement, more than 50 units, according to each $300 settlement. Welcome to have the interest of the webmaster and contact us, this advertisement, mainly to do the optimization of DELL Related words, Baidu search DELL related to the first 3 pages of the station, monthly income in more than ten thousand.
      DELL ad specific contact QQ:896157639