Mobile e-commerce traditional electricity supplier of the next battlefield

  from the annual sales of billions of dollars of immediate purchase, sale of treasure, to AppStore in the "life" under the category of Taobao, the Jingdong, where customers, shop No. 1, Ping goubao mall and other App software, after the application of tools and social games, mobile e-commerce has become more and more people in mind "a piece of cake".

and application of scene quite limited compared to PC (personal computer) and portable mobile phone to the properties of the electricity supplier have greater imagination: work on the bus or subway route "with" stroll on the bus by the way; "the next single"; then immediately after the completion of shopping, and shopping products information sharing to social networks, indirectly help businesses do word-of-mouth marketing; even in peacetime when shopping, can through the "price", "query online shop whether goods" means "intercept" for consumers, they will be back on to the line — this will to a large extent exacerbated the impact of online the electronic commerce on the traditional offline retail.

but easier said than done, for most traditional electricity providers, move into the field of electricity providers in what way, how to play this new set of promotion, sales, customer relationship management and other new channels as a whole, still need a process of continuous learning and reflection.

platform providers to test the water pioneer

on Christmas Eve December 21, 2010, at the end of the year held in practice promotions "national berserk, Taobao also launched a mobile phone, mobile phone P C echoes the" new ways ", namely the user in" national berserk in the completion of the 1 pen more than 10 yuan transactions, you can log on using a mobile phone Taobao mobile phone, 60 seconds free time shopping in the corresponding commodity area. October 12, 2011 Ping goubao hand launched ipad2 for panic buying.

in other words, according to one day can be divided into 1440 minutes to count, to participate in the "national berserk with a total of 1440 mobile phone users through the free take 100 thousand pieces of more than 10 million yuan of goods opportunity. "That event, instantly created a single day of the world’s highest single volume record." Taobao director Lu Zhongtao told the Nandu market wireless business "wealth Chi" reporter.

vice president and general manager of Taobao mobile phone Nandu Qiu Changheng in an interview with reporters said, do not want to simply copy the successful experience of Taobao on the PC to the mobile phone, but want to try some new mobile phone based on the mode of shopping and shopping experience. It doesn’t mean that he can choose to do less, but more.

from the beginning to now, Taobao mobile phone in addition to add new features, iterate the main application of "Taobao", and the development and improvement of H T based on ML 5 technology web version of mobile phone Taobao, Taobao, Taobao also launched a travel lottery, a discount, buy Taobao Amoy etc. according to the classification application function subdivision.

in accordance with Taobao wireless division operations director Shang Wen said, priority >