The second session of the whole network of small and medium enterprises throughout the era of e-comm

July 30, 2010, sponsored jointly organized by Chinese, electronic commerce association and the Shanghai city district government of Baoshan District Fudan Software Park, Shanghai Weibo company (V5SHOP, V5MALL, China) hosted e-commerce top event — the second small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the whole network of new marketing breakthrough training conference held in Fudan University. This is following the 2009 successfully held a series of training conference, Weibo network once again get out of this meeting host, is currently the only company in close cooperation with the local government and held the e-commerce business training event. Unlike last year, this year the whole network of e-commerce training sessions will be full of small and medium enterprises throughout the entire network of e-commerce to promote the project in major cities nationwide have started.


it is reported that this training project is in response to the "Office of the State Council on accelerating the development of electronic commerce and a number of opinions" to implement the national "electronic commerce" 11th Five-Year "plan", conform to the current rapid development of information technology and the terminal of the historical opportunity, the China e-commerce network marketing association Specialized Committee with China repeated research, electronic commerce association the impact of industry, academic authority, and the introduction of enterprise resources, in order to promote the application of e-commerce for SMEs, to promote enterprise innovation and industrial upgrading.


Shanghai Gold Industry Co., Ltd. chairman, executive committee, CEIBS Shanghai Electronic Commerce Association Co director Sun Shaohua, the database operations center as the training trainer, entitled "to break the traditional marketing way — network marketing automation" speech. Early in the last century, when television, radio media, print media and network media popular, many domestic enterprises choose the primary way to invest huge traditional media as a business promotion. Although the traditional media has many advantages such as large coverage area, but the huge investment cost makes many enterprises flinch! After the Internet e-commerce tide experienced starting period, embryonic period, development period, stable period of four times, the world finally ushered in the era of electronic commerce Version 5.

"V5 e-commerce era, single marketing mode has been adopted enterprise group marketing model has been stretched, represent the general trend, which is similar to the V5SHOP online shopping mall in search engine marketing, email marketing and EDM mobile phone SMS marketing is the marketing group in touch pen, EDM enterprises can email marketing and mobile phone SMS marketing other groups to establish their own marketing mode of low cost marketing platform." Sun Shaohua said: "customer acquisition costs and order acquisition costs are the only criteria for testing ‘low cost marketing’. The enterprise only through "such steps to realize network marketing automation customers to establish network platform – a full range of sea and air extension" found that this is the breakthrough of the traditional marketing way."