A Taobao shop a product earn 3420 yuan a day

Taobao shop fortunately do now Taobao shop also make money in 2015 is also suitable to do Taobao too much, too many questions are about Taobao entrepreneurship. Many people say that Taobao is not good, hit the price hit badly, can not find a good product. I also think that Taobao is not good to do, but yesterday saw a Taobao shop, I completely changed my mind.


a few days ago, I want to buy a marketing software for everyone. Come on my blog VIP Shao Lianhu is member of the development of the time, of course, income also, thank you for your trust. However, the light can not make money feel a bit awkward, so that some people will think that I am very stingy Shao Lianhu.


is the red envelopes to everyone, a grab a few angle, a few yuan did not mean, I want to buy a software for you. The benefits of the software is that it can be unlimited copy, buy a can give countless people. So, I went to Taobao to see the next software. What is the most fire this time? That is micro business, I still buy a WeChat marketing software.

that night I saw some of the Taobao marketing software, see the automatic mass, automatically add friends, automatic greeting WeChat software. I don’t know how to use the software. However, since it was sold, I feel it should be ok. So, I went to bed, ready to buy tomorrow.

second days in the morning, I still went to Taobao, see a lot of WeChat marketing these software. However, the price is almost the same. Twenty or thirty yuan a year. However, this year can only use a cell phone, even if I can not buy it to everyone. One asked to know that the original version of the agent, can be unlimited households, I spent 99 yuan to buy.

big morning, I did not earn a penny spent 99 yuan to buy software for everyone, to tell the truth, who is not willing to give up. Originally, I want to buy a cheap, a few dollars, about twenty of the acceptable. However, those software are not. WeChat marketing software, although expensive, but now many people need WeChat marketing software.

WeChat bought the

marketing software, I personally installed, test results, found that the effect is good. Can automatically send a message to a friend in WeChat, you can automatically point in the circle of friends praise, comments, nearby people can add their own, people on the phone, QQ contacts can also be automatically added. The most important thing is that people around is directly added to the address book, you can add without verification.

found that this software is indeed very good, I will use the software to do a video tutorial to everyone, and then upload the afternoon to prepare to share. Because the file is relatively large, upload is very slow. The day is so tired, I’m not in the mood to do anything else. When I was bored, I looked at the software I bought at the store. Do you know what I’m bored to do this baby 4.6>