Cross border electricity supplier through the trade there are many bottlenecks

in recent years, e-commerce has become an important basis for the integration of global consumption, especially in the "cross-border transactions" and "electronic commerce" twin engine driven by cross-border electricity providers fast, worldwide entered a period of rapid growth. In September 7th, the thirteenth world business leaders Roundtable organized by the Xiamen trade promotion to the "business innovation and cross-border cooperation supplier era as the theme of discussion, business leaders from China and the new age of the Internet business law, cross-border electricity internationalization development were discussed, hoping to provide new ideas for cross-border cooperation, innovation and development is engaged in cross-border electricity supplier business enterprise Chinese.

global cross-border electricity supplier into the high-speed development period

in recent years, the cross-border electricity supplier in the open, multi-dimensional, three-dimensional model of multilateral economic and trade cooperation to broaden the path of enterprises to enter the international market, the low volume, multi batch of "fragmentation" to adapt to the characteristics of effective international trade development trend. Due to the savings of a large number of intermediate links, cross-border electricity supplier effectively reduces the price of the product, so that consumers have greater freedom of choice, no longer subject to geographical restrictions. In addition, with associated logistics, electronic payment, electronic authentication, IT services, network marketing belong to the contents of the modern service industry, these richly endowed by nature advantages, have greatly promoted the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier.

The European

e-commerce website yStats authority released 2014 annual report shows that global cross-border electricity supplier, in 2013 the export of cross-border electricity supplier in the top six countries and regions in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Holland and Scandinavia state; the cross-border electricity supplier of imported in the top six countries and regions are the United States, Britain, Chinese Germany, Brazil, and australia.

The United States

Nielsen Co survey report for the United States, Britain, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Chinese market consumer does show in 2013 from the six big market of 93 million 700 thousand consumers through cross-border electricity consumption of about $105 billion. Among them, the scale of cross-border online procurement of Chinese consumers up to $35 billion 190 million, engaged in cross-border electricity supplier companies about 20.

joint China World Trade Center conference is expected in 2015, cross-border electricity providers will account for 30%-40% of total world trade, in the next few years, this proportion is likely to continue to rise.

China’s cross-border electricity supplier huge business opportunities

According to

Chinese Council deputy secretary general and director of the office of Yu Xiaodong introduced in recent years, China’s e-commerce industry is developing rapidly. 2013, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded 10 trillion yuan, an increase of 26.8%, of which online retail sales of more than $1 trillion and 850 billion, an increase of 41.2%, China has become the world’s largest online retail market. As an important part of e-commerce, cross-border electricity providers have become China foreign trade and the fastest growing areas in 2013, Chinese cross-border electricity supplier turnover of about 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, and in the past 5 years maintained a CAGR of over 30%.

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