During the year, the largest social networking providers pen A round of financing 228 million flower

December 12th, gathered in the micro store held in Beijing, all things · gathered · growth Financing Conference, announced the completion of this year’s largest electricity supplier in the field of A round of financing 228 million yuan. This round of financing by Keshin capital lead investor, venture capital investment it, TAHAL capital acted as exclusive financial advisor. The conference was presided over by Lang Yongchun, a famous media person, and led by experts in the field of e-commerce in China, and represented by the brand side, the investor, the media and the owner of the company, represented by Germany, PHILPS and nestle.


"iterative wave gathered dream begins, gathered in the micro shop CEO Shaw Shanglve announced that the future will build a" global boutique supermarket ", to provide a global boutique shopping experience for consumers, while boosting with ingenuity spirit of the brand new retail open window, so that each owner can open their own handheld global boutique the supermarket.

from a single product to make the world now commodity categories covering food, Home Furnishing, beauty, small appliances and other fields, where the micro shop for more than 18 months to achieve a 500 fold increase, currently assigned to the owner of 800 thousand platform, monthly sales reached 300 million yuan, successfully achieved profitability. Thanks to this aspect of the mobile Internet technology brings about the flow to the center of the "social business growth dividend, on the other hand through the supply chain stores have gathered micro intensive and meticulous farming, grow into a social business platform for consumers trust.


trust affects the economy, value driven future. "At the moment everyone is the producer, the receiver, and the communicator of the information, and trust in the supply and demand of the commodity information." Shanglve gathered micro shop CEO Shaw said: "if you are the essence of social electricity supplier is trust retail, its rise will not only bring lower cost connections, will quickly enhance the demand on the supply side in the reform. In order to provide the user value as the core driver, social electricity supplier will become the future of new retail force can not be ignored."


as a management representative, senior vice president Kong Qingrong Keshin capital investment on the idea of a micro shop gathered expressed highly recognized: "micro shop gathered seize the mobile Internet era of social driven shopping retail core, sharing the spirit of the founding team will also allow consumers, shopkeepers, brand side and other parties needs to be respected and meet. Is the first army of social electricity supplier." From Singapore Keshin has invested capital, science and technology, Sau domain beauty beautiful makeup air Asia, inside and outside the field of consumer goods have rich investment experience.

return to retail at the beginning of the heart, select the global commodity. In the future, gathered micro shop will continue to work with outstanding peers, upgrade consumer experience. As a brand partner representatives, general manager of Eric China Dewin also said that in the future will work together to gather micro shop, provide more excellent price Wumart products for consumers.

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