Jingdong supermarket 2017 to set a goal for themselves trading volume over one hundred billion yuan

[TechWeb] reported on February 16th news, vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group mall consumer products division president Feng Yizai attended the Jingdong consumer division Partner Conference said that in 2017 the Jingdong supermarket turnover of over 100 billion yuan target.


Jingdong supermarket 2017 set a goal for themselves: trading volume over one hundred billion yuan

2016 Jingdong supermarket has announced, and strive to be less than three years, becoming the first Chinese online and offline absolute sales in the field, the first market share and consumer satisfaction first.

von Yizai said the statement, online supermarket is booming, the supermarket will be 2017 Jingdong from technology driven, category management, marketing, open area sink four aspects of layout, with the brand integration and win-win, the establishment of "two billion" brand club, help at least 10 brand sales of over 1 billion yuan, at least 100 brands sales of over 100 million yuan.

with the continuous development of the electricity supplier, with the deepening of the integration of the line, Feng Yi believes that in 2017 the online super business both in the channel or experience has shown four characteristics:

first, the advent of the era of big data. The power of the data is reshaping the industry, including changes in the retail industry. Data can drive all aspects of the industry chain.

second, the new blue ocean category to accelerate growth. Men’s skin care, pet care and other destined in 2017 will not be simple, personality and characteristics of the commodity has become a new growth point.

third, user awareness of brand change. On the one hand is the cognitive style has changed, change the previous single cognitive channels, to diversify the way; on the other hand, nurturing young consumer groups for a number of small brands to grow up. There is a saying that Jingdong is the electricity supplier, nor is the electricity supplier". Feng Yi said, "we are absolutely communicate with consumers, with the transfer of brand value with the brand’s position. So we are electricity providers, electricity providers are not."

fourth, battlefield transfer to the three or four tier cities. According to Jingdong big data show that the lower the level of the city, the higher the growth rate of Jingdong supermarket users, three or four cities in the second half of 2016 grew rapidly, the user has been close to a second tier cities.

Feng Yi said, the next twelve years, Jingdong will use technology to lead our development, improve the operational efficiency of Jingdong with science and technology and big data." (Wang Kaka)

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