Sea Amoy shopping guide to make up lost dozens of iphone5S


] October 21st news billion state power network, the day before, online shopping website information recommend what is worth buying and make a shopping oolong, leading many consumers buy the wrong version of iphone5S.

According to

October 16th, billion state power network to understand, what is worth buying in the recommendation of "eBay daily" this column, a netizen recommended official replica "lock type" iPhone5s "as a lock free type" release, resulting in some users know the truth purchase orders, damage.

it is understood that there is no lock refers to the operator’s network lock, if the operator adds a network lock for the phone, then the phone can only use the operator’s phone card. Therefore, the U.S. version of the lock phone is difficult to use in the country.

October 17th, what is worth buying official found the problem, quickly deleted the relevant recommendations and links, and gives three solutions.

first, in connection with the eBay business and successfully canceled orders users, what is worth buying will be presented as a gift as a compensation.

second, the user can not successfully cancel the order, you can try to contact the shipping company, the company refused to send by the forwarding company. What is the fee charged by the transport company to buy the payment, while giving gifts.

third, to cancel the order and return the receipt of mobile phone users, will express to what is worth buying, purchase orders and provide screenshots, what is worth buying will be returned to the user’s purchases and gifts.

after the accident, what is worth buying to teach users how to return

what is worth buying to billion state power network said that the cause of the accident is due to the emergence of the incident on the same day a number of iPhone 5S broke the news information, and are sold by eBay, the editor to create confusion in the link error. In order to avoid recurrence of similar situations in the future, what is worth buying, the editorial team will strengthen the audit on the basis of the two audit.

, according to what is worth buying statistics, due to the accident, it needs to pay a conservative estimate of the number of mobile phones in taiwan.

insiders said, this incident also reflects the current sea Amoy industry a big problem, it is difficult to return "". The long time and high cost of international transport, and the distribution of most orders must rely on the transfer of service providers, are the cause of this problem. Otherwise, if the domestic consumer is very easy to return, and the site does not need to do such payment."

According to

billion state power network to understand, what is worth buying is used by UGC (user generated content) mode, mainly recommended online shopping commodity information, its website offers information mostly from friends broke the news, edited after the audit content will be delivered to the user and to get a large number of users to form a closed loop reputation evaluation, precipitation.

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