understand your October sea fox sea Amoy website shopping for baby

is the National Day holidays, in addition to wine and dine parties and friends travel Mito Shuabing, sea fox found more mothers to patronize the sea fox channel baby toys, baby products and foreign excellent price quality has been more and more popular with users. The sea fox National Day holiday launched Amazon Japan "adorable baby growth essential" concert, OSHKOSH "winter purchase warm" Concert by mother’s attention, 99 yuan, 149 yuan and 2 Optional Optional Optional 2, 2 minus 54 yuan, 129 yuan and 5 optional "combination is more favorable for the national day price" "play, let mothers every shop can save a jar of milk money.


a lot of people are familiar with the sea Amoy, milk powder and other maternal and child products from the beginning, the Chinese parents for the quality requirements of baby products has been in the family of all members of the ‘highest’. As the user requires a category of the highest quality of the goods, the sea fox, the official website of the direct mail mode, fundamentally eliminate the user concerns on the sea Amoy maternal goods quality, this compared to other modes of scouring the sea platform has more advantages." The sea fox public relations official said, "as for the user to solve the door can not facilitate the purchase of global commodity demand platform, electronic business platform of the international sea fox docking has from the initial development to now several hundreds, including domestic consumers are familiar with and trust Amazon, 6pm, Sasa, lookfantastic etc..

in the mobile Internet into the public life today, the young mother will not only capture the forefront of the trend to dress themselves, but also for their baby dress up fashion, cute both more and more experience. And moms have beauty season, with the arrival of October, mothers began for their baby to having the winter meet ready. The sea fox launched during the National Day series to meet the special for mother and child, whether the family has the different needs of new mothers cute little baby mothers.

sea fox launched during the national day of the Japanese Amazon "adorable baby growth for most mothers’ special attention, maternal good value 149 yuan optional two piece set, really let the mothers heart itch.



is one of the well-known foreign electricity supplier beavers docking, is the domestic well-known consumer brands electricity supplier. As of now, the platform has brought together Asian (Japanese Amazon), Asia (United States Amazon) the whole category of goods. Based on the official website of the sea fox direct mail mode, we support hundreds of global overseas electricity supplier website commodity information, and after screening the high price, users are recommended to the commercial activities of the sea fox. In the preferential price, in addition to the sea Fox and the Amazon platform synchronization, but also occasionally have different thematic activities such as presentation, from the beginning of the National Day holiday in Japan "adorable baby growth for Amazon ‘special, we selected the Nichia platform personal care, feeding, play music and other types of fitness >

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