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content of entrepreneurship in today is not a strange word, there are a considerable number of enterprises, from the media by virtue of WeChat public number operators have high income, especially in the field of electricity providers, more and more vertical content providers are quietly rising. And today’s mobile broadcast era, there are also more and more network began to use their own red platform to sell their own products, but also the content of the electricity supplier to a new climax.

The rise of

content providers make the traditional electricity supplier giant Alibaba, Jingdong mall feel a huge threat, so the Alibaba launched the first Taobao headlines, Taobao live, Jingdong is not far behind, and shortly before the headlines today reached a strategic cooperation, both sides will be in the marketing and content of liquidity and other areas of cooperation, and help more headlines from media business cash. But Ali is reconciled in the moat building Taobao content, recently went through in the group of UC, UC in the subscription number of on-line merchandise promotion function, open Taobao, Tmall and Ali mother card in the form of commodity resources, product information will be generated in the article, the contents of entrepreneurs will receive industry-leading 70% Trading commissions. And to achieve a key authorization within the end of a key login, shopping in the end of the completion of a one-stop experience, trying to create media people from the first 11.

in fact, not only Ali, Jingdong and other electricity providers giant added to the content of electricity supplier war, announced that it will invest 300 million yuan to support the network’s live artists hatch and red brokerage business, NetEase koalas, honey bud baby, but cross-border electricity providers have opened their own live electricity supplier strategy. Many mobile information platform, live platform, electronic business platform have joined the content of the electricity supplier war, will inevitably promote the acceleration of the content of the electricity supplier revolution.

content based product sales is actually a long time

in fact, as early as the rise of e-commerce, TV shopping, shopping and other content based product marketing has been popular for many years. Today, the content of the electricity supplier just put the TV shopping to live on the platform, the shopping magazine moved to today’s headlines, headlines, WeChat UC the number of public information platform, nature has not changed, but the media is changing.

TV shopping in people’s impression may not be too good, many consumers mention TV shopping, often will feel exaggerated propaganda, or even think TV shopping is basically some high price low quality goods, which will produce a sense of weariness. But the TV shopping in the United States, Japan and other countries, is an important channel for consumers to buy goods, the first year of the largest QVC Company in the United States just after the establishment of QVC, operating income of only $more than 100 million, to 2013 has reached $12 billion 700 million, and started to cover Germany, Britain and Italy, France, Japan, China and other countries market.

and TV shopping based on video content sales, magazines, newspapers and other shopping is based on text, pictures and other content forms. Some fashion magazines go shopping

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