Taobao customer promotion methods

this is my personal Taobao customers have to come to the promotion of experience, we can refer to the next. Common several promotion methods: domain name should be good, easy for everyone to remember.

spend money on advertising: if you have the money to advertise, you don’t have to look down. The world as long as the money, what to say; but I remind you not to be deceived, click on the ads are also applied to the health. What brush flow ah. Click on the ad. Brush up your money, but also did not see a buy, you do not strange ~!

two blog promotion: This is, of course, must be done, the three, Sina, NetEase, Baidu space; write an article about your shop on the line, plus the link, do not charge him. Blogging is not something anyone can do. If you use a good,. Also good at writing articles, a lot of time online, you can try

three Taobao promotion: This is also necessary to do, do not look down on the mother of Ali Taobao off, the commission can refer to the same proportion of goods, please refer to the specific Ali mother!

four   Forum promotion: an active platform, has the effect of advertising can not be ignored! Search engine (Baidu, Google) is like; simple online shopping community we can look at

Forum promotion is definitely here in the forum is not a version of the advertised, nor will the web site address and signature and crazy scraper, as both exhausting and the effect is not good, the forum administrator just a few clicks you will post all the way to shut you deleted ID, but the impact is so bad, as disgusting as spam. There are times in a forum to see a way to promote the site is much better. It is a small site to provide employment and learning materials, their propaganda personnel will be all kinds of articles on the site made the link to the form, and put a good classification, posted on various forums, so as to bring convenience to some people in need, and not be too straightforward ads would be the propaganda effect is much better. If these data are posted to the forum in line with their own positioning of the appropriate forum, will be able to get a lot of hits.

important: first look at this forum can not send links. Some forums start with links. Later, the forum has popularity. Restrictions on the more up. So still have to find the right forum, go to the forum after the first do not rush to register, look at the post. There is no link. If so, it is ready to register account, finishing the article post it;

ad: any forum will not let you send pure advertising, members do not like. So as far as possible post text. Beautiful layout. Do not be too large. Not too many colors. Article bottom. Post your store address; or purchase address; this effect is good, the member is not objectionable, moderator is no reason to delete posts. I have a few friends who sent me a few pictures to find them. These goods are from

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