How to expand sales through network marketing

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network data show that as of the end of 2008, China the number of Internet users has reached 298 million, the number of Internet users in the world ranked first. China’s Internet penetration rate is also the first time in 22.6% of the proportion of more than 21.9% of the global average.

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data of this group? Means that with the popularity of the Internet, the number of Internet users continues to increase, the network marketing, this great potential, yet explore marketing model, will play an increasingly important role in promoting the market, will become a new growth point of sale, so, how should enterprises to expand sales through the network marketing


subdivide your product market and target customers. There is no any product, can satisfy all consumers, therefore, in the face of the Internet many potential customers, we must focus on market segments, target of our customers, and as a basis and premise of network marketing.

choose the product that suits your target customers. Internet users compared to ordinary consumers, tend to be young, culture, fashion, personality and other characteristics. Therefore, according to this group, the conventional product is hard to shake its heart, as the enterprise, must choose the target customers for products. A complete product including core products (such as the core function), products (such as packaging), additional products (such as services), companies want to sell better in the network, you must create a complete product concept, the product must first have the connotation, can satisfy the customer to users of the material and spiritual needs at the same time, to facilitate transportation, appropriate packaging etc..

promotion form diversification: online sales in the form of a lot, in order to achieve the purpose of maximizing sales, enterprises need a comprehensive, three-dimensional, diversified promotion. Can be used in the form of promotion are: first, you can publish information on professional business sites or the establishment of online stores. For example, the release of product information on Alibaba, Taobao can also be registered in the transaction. Two, in the industry website advertising information, or investment information. Sales three, sent by mail, the relevant product information or self professional website by sending e-mail, professional promotion, but note that after locking the target customer groups, try not stereotypically sending information to the target audience as spam and delete. Four, QQ or MSN and other tools. Through the QQ or the MSN information exchange platform, you can also build a platform to communicate with target customers, by exploring the needs of customers, to meet customer demand, and guide the user needs, thus transforming potential customers into real customers, expand the share of online sales.

network sales service is very important. Many companies do online sales, it is easy to make a mistake, that is, heavy sales, light service, resulting in a hammer trading majority, and even the emergence of the product, service disputes, etc.. This is the need to abandon the enterprise. If you want to make good use of the Internet to sell products for a long time

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