Tmall double 11 push no fee installments also up to one year

Jingdong is white, boasts its biggest rival Tmall certainly will follow, but the previous installment service on the Tmall platform only few people can use the. The official statement is still in the test period, the need for businesses and consumers in order to be opened.

this is not difficult to understand, Tmall settled is individual businesses, staging must be determined by the Tmall advance, which will involve a financial and consumer credit problems. After all, Taobao play tricks liar buyers and sellers in a Tmall platform also will be more or less the existence of these bad users.

but eleven big promotion is about to come, Tmall today also announced that it will launch the 11 phase of the 0 installment service. Compared to the usual 3, 6, and the 9 phase, the most important of the 11 services is no fees, repayment time is still up to a year, and will focus on covering electrical appliances, digital and other aspects.

is still a problem in the current stage of Tmall is a high threshold, the service can be provided by the amount of installment and user consumption data directly linked. For users who can not directly open this service, or to take out the total amount of the first payment of the balance of the treasure to be frozen in line.

the last hint of friendship, shopping needs moderate consumption, prudent overdraft.

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