Biography potatoes network will cooperate with the electricity supplier website and electricity prov

according to micro-blog users rumors, one of China’s largest video site Tudou will work together with e-commerce sites to promote the video community and electricity providers win.

news said Tudou video will soon be able to click on the movie / TV series items and jump to the corresponding electricity supplier website to buy the page, which will promote the video community and electricity providers win. I do not know whether this technology is mature enough, if the sensor is not accurate, resulting in a large number of jumps do not related to the purchase of the page will greatly reduce the user’s enthusiasm. If realized, expands the video community profit model.


After and and, has been affected by the attention in the future operation mode, if the cooperation with the electricity supplier website will become a successful model of this model to promote the development of electronic commerce.

the following are some of the industry’s point of view:

MADBRIEF (Sina, micro-blog) share business trends in digital marketing:MadNews early to do, this technology also specifically mentioned (when using PPT made a circular flashing effects, the user clicks on the flash point, it can be connected to the corresponding page, but these goods need to frame the RBI, trouble later) that is not good for the user experience, and no further.

navyboys (Sina):#NavyIDEA# AppleTV or, GoogleTV worth mentioning, the integration of the Internet and television is the trend of. Such a context, such technology, will stimulate unlimited imagination. Endless innovation, only unexpected, not to do.

(Sina, micro-blog) yuan monthly birds go: technological innovation will bring unlimited imagination to the Internet


Jiaozhou Swoosh (Sina micro-blog): it was not possible to accurately, because if this technology, Google can’t let youTube free. Potatoes, even if there is this kind of advertising, it will only be artificial, rather than automatic identification.

repair branch (Sina micro-blog): odd art has been using this technology. When Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di Di di. Technology is not a problem.

Li He left (Sina micro-blog): exciting, ad placement implants implanted, and finally landed. Do not need to identify the video. Artificial matching on ok. Working with subtitles.

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